At the mercy of women… By Haruspice

Whoever brags with the old age braggadocio that the world is a man’s world is living in borrowed logic. It’s actually a woman’s world,

We live in motivation of their existence,
No man hustles to impress another man,
Our toils are energized by our ego for women,
Whoever says, it’s a man’s world, lives in life’s denial.
All my life, I have lived to impress women; first, was my mother. I wanted to so- impress her so much that I became a man before my time, got married early to make her a grandmother. I just wanted her to call me a man not just her boy. So, I tripled my hustles, buckled my shoes and tightened my belt as I toiled in the field of life. In all of these, making my dad proud was not a consideration -for no man makes another man proud.
In my secondary school, I became the companion of the best because of a particular girl in my class. I dressed sparkly neat to impress her, studied too hard to impress her with my grades- the successes I recorded in school were motivated by this lady. Again, the opinion of my male classmates was never a consideration, besides, why should a man impress another man?
Out in the real time of life, the wives in our abodes are the ginger of our hustles. Left for us, we won’t worry too much in the hustle of life, but because of our women at home, we strive so hard in stretch to make ends meet.
Before I make my boys happy, my daughters come first in consideration. I feel their shame than that of the boys- my boys can go around bare feet but it will break my heart to see my daughters in tatters. Like my mother, like my women, and then my daughters, I live by their motivations.
So, next time, when you hear the repeat of the old cliche of ‘it’s a man’s world’, block your ears. The man has no world, we live in the dictates of our women. Remove women from life, men become helpless pieces of artwork .
Frankly musing

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