OYSG fruitless effort to fight community of faith

Oyo state Government has taken on the Muslim Community for challenging her bias, iniquity, injustice and open bigotry in her style of Governance.
The Government just yesterday detached its worst Press Secretary ever in the history of the noble state to mount the moribund tank to attack the Muslim community for a legitimate demand on hijrah day cancellation on a private radio station in Ibadan.
Certainly when the God want to strike a fellow hard, he takes away his character.
The press Secretary in the name of Taiwo Adisa struggled in vain to blackmail the Muslim community as he insinuated severally they are *?”inconsequential to election and re-election of his pay master”eventually exposed his indecorous, emptiness and acute shortage of emotional intelligence. A damage already done carelessly and recorded in history.
As if that embarrassing situation is not enough, there were other failed attempts and futile efforts deployed today. We woke up today to read from a ghost, Kabiru Adesina, who came up with most lame and inconsistent article of Jacob and Esau . The article obviously sponsored, just exposed the lack of maturity of the current regime in Oyo state and the obvious lack of think- tank.
The Government was so lacking that she needed a ghost writer to attack a massive majority of electorate and a bloc important faith community.
The most laughable is another purported commendation they got from a resurrected moribund Young Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Islam (YOUMBAS), a foremost Islamic society in the 80s in old Oyo state.
The attempt to use the name of YOUMBAS to score a political point is most unfortunate. It shows how tactless , careless and unguarded the current regime in Oyo state. The divide and rule tactics is dead on arrival. *Ogbon odunni, omugo eemi*
I am now very convinced on the proverb that says “only the one who intend to lie call the dead ones as witness.”
Ibadan, Aug. 23, 2020.

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