Pan African Peace Leadership Awards Hold in commemoration Of Zambia Independence

Pan African Peace Leadership Awards (ZAMBIA 2021) on Sunday 24th October 2021 was held when Zambia was tossing her 57th Birthday after gaining independence from Britain in 1964, with a dinner party in honor of peace and unity for the recipients of the awards and invited guests.
All attendees were encouraged to dress white as seen in the pictures as a symbol of peace.
Among those awarded were Zambia Political activist Mr Dante Saunders who was awarded SDG Ambassador of Peace and Dr. Rozious Siatwambo who also received the Ambassador Award is a Zambian education activist who authored a best selling education book in Zambia titled.
Others who received similar award were Ugandan top Barrister (Lawyer) David Balodemu who was also confered an honorary doctorate in leadership by a European University at the same ceremony and also awarded Ambassador of Peace.
Another Zambian freelance protocol expert/ Consultant, Felix Hamayuwa was recognized for his display of excellence in youth leadership and outstanding performance in youth capacity building and advocacy for good governance.
This leadership honor and awards was organized by Jodela Integrated Services Ltd with its head office in Abuja, Nigeria in partnership with National Sugar Corporation, Zambia the pioneer of the NSC Pan African Smart City Initiative, an investment portfolio in the development of 165 Smart Cities on the continent of Africa in collaboration with Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), a Zambian government wing who was a facilitator and also endorsed by Nigerian Embassy in Zambia and Zambian High Commission office in Abuja, Nigeria.
H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, Museveni & Raila Odinga.
The next Leadership awards and honours have been scheduled for South Sudan, Congo DRC, Uganda and Kenya respectively where prominent nominees among top African leaders are Kenya President, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, President Yoweri Museveni not for only good governance but for his mediation of peace in Somali, South Sudan and for his government accomodating refugees from Afghanistan and around East African regions including Somalia and DR Congo. Another nominatee is Hon..Raila Odinga, Former Prime Minister of Kenya for fostering peace with H.E Uhuru Kenyatta through the famous African handshake of peace.
Hakainde Hichilema President Of Zambia.
Others who have been highly nominated and recommended for an honorary Doctorate degree in leadership are President of ZAMBIA Hakainde Hichilema for his consistency to lead into victory a Political party United Party for National Development (UPND) which stayed in opposition in ZAMBIA for 23 years before forming government in the August 12, 2021 election.
A Bit About President Hichilema
Before he becoming Resident of Zambia this year 2021, President Hichilema in his Political journey since 2005 when he joined politics,he was arrested 15 times on trumpant charges, he was even imprisoned in a maximum prison for trumpant charges of treason when his motorcade did not pull aside when a presidential motorcade was passing.
He was imprisoned in a maximum prison for a period of about 137 days.
Amidst all odds President Hichilema populary known as HH remained un detoured , resilient, focused and resolved even when he was denied permit to campaign in the 2021 August election,he never was broken down and showed Leadership and the citizens of Zambia on 12th August 2021 gave him a land slide victory beating the incumbent with more than 1 million votes.
With the narrative above that speak volumes of who this leader is, he has been nominated highly and commended for an honor in leadership among other leaders.
South Sudan
Other leaders nominated for leadership honor are President Saviour Kiir of South Sudan and his Vice President Riek Machar for birthing the newest nation on planet earth amidst birth pangs to give birth to new baby nation South Sudan, they have against all odds stood firm and remained steadfast , focused resolute and to settle their Political divergent views they have formed a unity government not for their personal aggrandizement but for the good of the people of South Sudan who deserve descent living.
Former President Kikwete Tanzania & Banda Zambia.
Others highly nominated are Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete and his Zambian counterpart, 4th President of Zambia Rupiah Bwezani Banda who jointly aborted a pending crisiss in the August 12,2021 Zambian election handover of power by the losing incumbent President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who did not see it coming that his party Patriotic Front was ever going to lose power in the August 2021 Election.
Former president of Tanzania and Former President of Zambia Kikwete and Banda respectively brought Lungu and Hichilema at the same table at Banda’s residence and Kikwete present at Banda’s residence who had flown all the way from Tanzania brought the two young leaders together by asking incumbent Lungu to concede defeat to allow for Hichilema to take over power without resistance.
For this role the two former presidents played in aborting pending standoff and conflict, the two former presidents have been highly nominated for leadership award of Peace insignia and Ambassadors of Peace to be conferred on them soon.
These Leadership Peace and awards organizers have signed a memorandum of understanding with Smart City Development and investment summit with National sugar corporation ( NSC) Pan African Initiative which has developed a blue print to develop 165 Smart Cities in the 55 states of Africa with an average of 3 Smart Cities in each county.
This NSC Pan African Initiative has also developed a toll gate highway private public partnership with individual African sovereign state to develop highways developed and managed by private sector in partnership with individual sovereign state in order to maintain good roads linking nation to nation from Cape in Southern Africa to Cairo in North Africa and Mombasa in East Africa to Dakar in West Africa. The same with continental rail/Bullet train network across all nations of Africa.
NSC Pan African Initiative is currently receiving good will from many nations on the continent of Africa which have welcomed the initiative that has the potential to transform the Africa continent as a whole, and NSC is wooing private sector investment to finance different components of projects that range from generation of renewable energy, water reticulation, artificial intelligence ITC, real estate developers, highway EPC contractors, aviation investment, shopping mall investment, manufacturing industry, Agriculture,tourism Development, education entrepreneurs, sports and entertainment.
NSC Pan African Initiative has secured land to develop a pan African celebrity City in Zambia to be a holiday home and destination for all celebrities from around the world more especially of AFRICAN descent but without exception of other races of the world.
Celebrities from all around the world have been earmarked for a complimentary free piece of land to build their dream pent house or mansion/bungalow in the celebrity Smart City which is earmarked to be the event world headquarters, a world tourist destination because of its unigue artificial intelligence infrastructure designs and the beauty that comes with it.
With Zambia now on the world map for it’s peace and tranquility since independence,and it’s democratic peaceful predictable change of government, the country by far qualify to Host headquarters for all celebrities from all over the world.
Its a wait and see situation because all of African descent ,for once, are encouraged to support this vision as opposed to fighting against its actualization as we have been unfortunately doing in the past, Let’s stop the migration to Europe by our AFRICAN youths, we can create a better Europe equivalent infrastructure development here in Africa if not better, because Europe infrastructure is ancient but ours will be new 21st century infrastructure coupled with artificial intelligence ITC Smart Cities.

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