Remembering My Beloved Sweet Mother By Salahudeen Ustaz Yunus

Hajiya Raliyat Bint Imam Abdulrahim (Zaujat Salahudeen Anda) ! Your beloved son have this to say, when you departed this world on 4th June, 2011: “The death of a mother is the most painful -Ustaz Yunus Salahudeen” and your beloved husband have this to say – “The death of a wife is the most painful”- Prince Salahudeen Anda .I cannot longer see you with my eyes again but I always feel you in my heart.The beautiful memories of the time we’ve spent together make me smile only until moment when they eventually remind me that you are no longer here with us .

You are a woman of honour with good sense of humour full of adage . You always said” those who are not opportune to attend formal education should at least learn senses from elders ” as sense is essential ingredient for life survival.

Mama the training you offered all your children and other members of the large family children with pure heart is unique and after your departure the Eyinare Community to Inohu-Bariki to Iruvucheba miss you dearly both elders and children that get awesome treatment from your generosity was a memory that keep lingering.

When I phoned you some days to your departing this world I noticed from your voice you are sick but you said no you are all right then I left Abuja to Okene immediately on my arrival you are surprised why should I traveled home despite you have reassured me you are alright but the connection between both of us from my childhood did not deceive me .Alhamdulillah, with Allah guidance and mercy those last moment i had with you from Okene General Hospital to Maitama District Hospital was my best moment in life rendering a service to the woman who carry my pregnancy for 9 months and delivered me with losing alot of blood during a new house opening of an Islamic Scholar in Okene and my beloved father did well by naming me after a pious gentleman of all generation Ustaz Yunus Abdallah of blessed memory. You sold your household items many time to provide for my school needs all those memories are still intact, I always wake you up as a child to request for tea but you never get disturbed , as a child I put you into a trouble by tracing my father new house all the way from Iruvucheba to Eyinare on my own at age 5 but you forgave me and hugged me when you eventually find me in my father house and you subsequently agreed to join my father in his new house as against your earlier discission to remained in your father house Alhamdulillah.

You have never raised your hand to heat me for once and the only one time my beloved father beat me you are so angry but I know my father was right to beat me because I went against his rule and the injury I sustained from the Koboko I received was a signed that lasted till I got married to narrate the story to my wife and first child before the signs disappear .I loved my father for his discipline (May Allah grant him more nuur in his grave and reunite us with him in Al-Janah Firdaus). Your husband so much missed you and always say to those who cared that his wife left him and he want to join her alas after 9 Month our beloved father departed us leaving another vacuum. I seriously missed my beloved sweet mother and my father who always treat me as a brother not a son especially I enjoyed till adulthood when we eat together he usually washes my hand for me .

I remember vividly when my beloved mother asked me not to honour a Scholarship to study abroad because I will bury her whenever she died and I obeyed her , I never knew she is going to died in my hand .

You so much cherished polygamy and you encourage your brothers and sons to marry minimum of two wife’s and added a caveat women should be treated with justice, equity ,caring and utmost love . You demonstrated how a wife should be obedient to a husband in all circumstances and stayed with your Co-wife peacefully without discrimination among the children in your custody as Iyale but I was happy you reaped the fruit of your labour while alive because they all showed you love .

Mama , Omo Olupo, Omo Yeladoye, Onyi Anuku Obanyi, Magajiya, Ozi – Uveva .May Allah grant you more nuur in your grave and reunite us in Al-Janah Firdaus .

Salahudeen Ustaz Yunus(Ozi Mama)
4th June, 2020

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