#RevolutionNow: Seeking emancipation from political imperialists, by Israel Ebije

Nigeria is bedeviled by political imperialists who have adopted ways of managing their areas of control like colonies. These areas could be local councils, states or the entire country. These colonial imperialists feed their colonies with little doses of nectar once every four years. These political colonialists have no regards for the people or sensitive to probity and accountability.


Nigerians are tired of this second phase of slave master, servant relationship. Many are numb, left without will to push for a better Nigeria, they are tired of having same or worse result after trying in 2015.Instructively, Revolution now is a positive medication designed to inject adrenaline into Nigerians to spur them for a popular protest against a failed government, messed up system, cyclonic corruption, raging poverty.


Humans are by nature physically and psychologically in constant move to seek prosperous change. The quest for a good life, peace and prosperity is what differentiate humans from animals, hence the world has experienced series of agitations for a better life.


The Revolution Now initiated by Omoyele Sowore only reflects the current situation of things happening in Nigeria. The quest for change is therefore constant if the people are not comfortable with the current situation of governance, security and provision of what makes life worth living.

For those hard at wrapping their heads around the meaning or pained at exerting mental ability to comprehend the concept of revolution in the context discussed, it translates to popular revolt against a failed system that seeks to favour only a few prebendal politicians. It defines, a system of failure in government, leadership class, leadership recruitment system, security, policies and accountability.

In the build up to the 2015 general election, Nigeria witnessed its most recent revolution, where the masses moved against the Goodluck Jonathan administration. It ushered in President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. We may recall that America engaged its gears to revolt, agitating for the creation of the United States between 1775 to 1783, in Europe, the French Revolution took place between 1789 to 1799. The Spanish American wars of independence took place between 1808 to 1826. The world records revolution in Russia, China and other countries, where search for true change became inevitable.

Many countries of the world have become better after revolutions strike out useless and sometimes dangerous governments in power. In 2015, Jonathan conceded, bowing to superior power of the people. The reason why the present revolution now is not allowed to fester is what many analytical minds doubt sincerity of the Muhammadu Buhari led administration. The use of the military, police, civil defence to stampede protesters only reflects hypocrisy of this government and a slide into a police state, stained with a tacit acceptance that they have failed Nigerians and we have a dictatorship in our hands.

Nigerians are tired putting up with a clueless president and thieving government officials milking the commonwealth of the people; Nigerians are tired of seeing children of public office holders flying squadrons of private jets for fun on tax payers money while millions are dying of poverty; Nigerians are tired of policy summersault; Nigerians are tired of ragging insecurity; Nigerians are tired of seeing same security bosses lying about security situation when reality says otherwise; Nigerians are tired of the All Progressive Congress ruling with propaganda, just like Adolf Hitler\Josef Goebbels media spin machine. Nigerians are tired of the floodgate of loans collected with no significant infrastructure.

Nigerians are tired of ethnicity, tribalism, bigotry, nepotism that has characterised the Buhari presidency.

Nigerians are already responding to the multidimensional poverty bequeathed by the political class as many have embraced crime, immorality and selling their conscience to the next political imperialist who can pay for the next meal.


Ghana is a better country than Nigeria today despite its lean economic resources because of a revolution led by a Jerry Rawlings. The country has been able to offer genuine palliatives for its citizens during this COVID-19 pandemic. They have subsidised electricity etc for the people. In Nigeria, all we read or watch is humongous sums of money spent on school feeding and other phantom “humanitarian” projects. How many countries progress from squandering loans on feeding school children?


Nigerians are done asking why government is interested in spending monies for “repentant” Boko Haram members instead of using those funds to rehabilitate Internally Displaced Persons; Nigerians are done asking why recovered properties are auctioned at giveaways to government officials while government offices are in rented buildings. Nigerians are done asking why the president of over 200 million people lack personal initiatives, submit self to myriads of cabals dictating by proxy governance of the country to suite private, ethnic interests.


Nigerians are done asking why only people from the North are occupying leadership positions in all sensitive ministries and parastatals; Nigerians are done asking why the loathed Jonathan administration was more purposeful, people oriented, progressive than the Buhari led government. Suddenly people cannot comprehend why they had to give the immediate past administration the boot for what we have now.

It is time for ordinary Nigerians to change this “chain” of political imperialists by all means peaceful and necessary. The revolution that brought President Buhari has failed. Nigerians must continue to seek a better life.


The year 2023 is around the corner and the truth is, the next president will not be any better if these people are in government– our political recruitment system is doctored. It will only change from one member of a failed cabal to the next who is the same in orientation with the last. We are only jinxed when we fail to walk these political imperialists out of power. Revolution Now is indeed overdue.

Ebije can be reached via [email protected]. @israelebije.

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