Sanusi- the crack in the wall of a feudal region. By Abdullahi O. Haruna Haruspice

Once an enemy is identified, how to deal and relate with him become very easy. Sanusi knew from the onset that Ganduje hated his guts, how he allowed the man got him to his grips baffles me. Were I Sanusi, I would have acted the dumb and blind to the onslaught of Ganduje, unfortunately, ego and the exhibition of manliness took over reasoning and here we are all battered. Were I Sanusi, I would have endured the shenanigans of this man who is everything but a tenured man with barely three years as governor of Kano. Sometimes playing the fool can be very profitable. I wish we learn the taciturn nature of President Muhammadu Buhari who even in the face of unmitigated onslaught remains calm and non-responsive.

You don’t wrestle with a man with a gun, he is prone to reckless trigger. Ganduje never hides his disdain for the daring emir. Not even the interventions of highly placed individuals worked the magic, he was hell-bent in strangulating Sanusi and today he got his pound of flesh. How that translates become a reference for the future, for now , it is an unfortunate story that came from kano.

In less than one decade, this man has felt the hammers of suspension and detronment. It is obvious his not cut out for our kind of cohabitation where audacity is considered a sacrilege. Sanusi lives ahead of us and we are not sufficiently modeled to align with his thoughts. For all the the things he said, draws cacophony of backlash. He blew the whistle under Jonathan ‘s government and was shown the way out. Fundamentally, either we are biased , intolerant, inept or clueless, Sanusi didn’t portray the dirt we define him with.

For now, the curtain has fallen unfortunately for Sanusi and it will take history to relive another Sanusi- the crack in the wall of a feudal region.

Unfortunately musing

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