Seeking The Face of Allah on the Day of Maolud Nabiyy, By Aliyu ilias

Today, 12th of Rabi’ul Awwal 1445 AH marks a special day in the life of every Muslim across the globe.
Nigeria as a country needs prayer to face the escalating issue of insecurity ranging from armed bandits, kidnapping, unknown gunmen and the common issue of taking away mens organs.
The majority of Nigerians now live in palpable fear of being attacked, and we seek the intervention of Allah on this auspicious day to restore security to Nigeria.
It is no longer news that Nigerian’s purchasing power has been eroded due to the challenges of the economy, people now sleep in their offices to avoid the exorbitant transportation cost, everyone is now putting up their economic sense in every dealings,
Parents are struggling with school fees amidst mass changing of students schools for a more economical school.
As the Labour leaders led by NLC and TUC plan a short down of Nigeria’s economy on Wednesday 3rd October, we want them to consider the downtrodden that will suffer the consequence of the strike actions.
We also implore the Government to be sensitive to the plight of Nigeria and create the appropriate succour.
To curb the current challenges of inflation, let’s adopt Islamic principles of controlling economic activities through monetary and fiscal tools by the creation of wealth, exchange of wealth and distribution of wealth.
Finally, we must all take time today to pray to Almighty Allah to ease the affairs of Nigerians and Nigeria as a country.
*Happy Maolud Nabiyy*
*Aliyu ilias writes from Abuja

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