Senator Akume and the Making of SGF, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF

Distinguish Senator George Akume is man with many potentials, from his tenure as Benue State Governor for consecutive two terms to Senator representing Benue Central , to cabinet Minister and the new stint as Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF, the chief administrative officer of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration.

The new SGF who started his early political life from his days as Benue state Governor between 1999-2007 grew in volumes and leaps politically beyond the Benue polity , North Central region and now a reckoned National figure, not as a political figure, but largely owe to his stlyes and approaches of his developmental and humane disposition to local and national politics.

Popularly known as Dajoh 1 of Benue state, the former governor had won his heart into the national polity as he was highly favoured during his contest to lead the ruling All Progressives Congress APC during the quest to elect a new National Chairman of the party in 2022 during the last convention.

Quite, accessible and predictable, Senator George Akume was the Minister for Special Duties in the last administration, that had resolved many impending government obligations of government to the citizenry.

A highly favoured political enigma, Senator George Akume’s elevation to the Chief Administrative Officer of the present administration was non controversial and welcomed, across the country with huge celebrations.

A detrabalised politician and generous Nigerian, his wealth of experience garnered over the years from the private sector to public service as Governor, Senator and Minister will be enough impetus that will guide and guard his decisions to contribute his quota to National development.

Because of his popularly and uniqueness in political participation, Senator George Akume who was Governor under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, had installed his successor and swapped his predecessor in the subsequent administration to APC, having pitched tent with the ruling party both at the State and Federal level in 2015-2023, an indication of his undying popularity across the country.

Senator George Akume also along with the acceptance and resolve of Benue people produced successive administration by taken over power from the ruling PDP in Benue to the new administration of Rev Fr Alia of APC, which also included the landslide victory of the party in the North Central states, including the lower and upper house.

As the incontrovertible North Central political leader metamorphosing to Northern political leader , Senator Akume also ensured many seats at the lower and upper chamber was won by the ruling APC in the last 2023 general elections.

With distinct performance of the All Progressives Congress APC, the ruling party in the North Central in the last elections, no doubt his appointment as SGF was justified which included his giant strides at the national level.

For the new SGF, his public service disposition, personal mien, astute public service, maturity and leadership wisdom, led to his selection as the new administrative officer to the President in the current dispensation.

No doubt, his new appointment was greeted with general acceptance by Nigerians as a square peg in the square hole , as Senator George Akume will not only deliver on the mandate of the present administration, but to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians.




Yusuf writes from Abuja and can be reached on [email protected].

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