The Beautiful Female Muslim Names And Their Meanings By Imam Murtadha Gusau

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

1. Amirah (princess)

2. Afafah (purity)

3. Amna (peace)

4. Atifah (affection)

5. Alimah (learned)

6. Aqsa (intelligent)

7. Badr (full moon)

8. Bahijah (happy)

9. Barakah (white)

10. Durriyah (brilliant)

11. Iman (faith)

12. Fahimah p(understanding)

13. Fa’izah (victorious)

14. Falihah (succesful)

15. Farha (happy)

16. Hadiyah (guide)

17. Hadirah (smart)

18. Hajarah (independent)

19. Yasmin

20. Jawharah (gem)

21. Kausar (reservoir in Paradise)

22. Khansa’u (memory)

23. Kalimah (word)

24. Kubrah (great)

25. Manal (achievement)

26. Nadirah (unique)

27. Nur (light)

28. Radwah (contentment)

29. Banish (delighted)

30. Salimah (complete)

31. Umaizah (beautiful)

32. Yusrah (prosperous)

33. Zarah (beautiful flower)

34. Aliyah (Exalted, high)

35. Daniya (Close, near)

36. Fatimah (The Prophet’s daughter, meaning: one who abstains from forbidden things)

37. Hudah (Guidance)

38. Maryam (Mother of the Prophet Isa)

39. Nuha (Intelligence)

40. Salwah (That which brings happiness)

41. Aliyah (Exalted)

42. Abidah (Worshipper)

43. Alimah (Scholar, knowledgable)

44. Amina (Trustworthy, loyal)

45. Anisah (One who is friendly and gentle with others)

46. Aniyah (Caring, loving)

47. Asiyah (Pensive, wistful)

48. Asma’u (Sky, high, exalted)

49. Aisha (Life, alive. Wife of the Prophet)

50. Amirah (Princess)

51. Aqilah (Intelligent, wise)

52. Bushrah (Good news)

53. Bahijah (Beautiful, radiant, glowing with freshness)

54. Banan (Fingertips)

55. Basmah (Happy, joyful)

56. Batul (Ascetic, devoted to Allah)

57. Budairah (Little full moon)

58. Bushrah (Good news)

59. Daniyah (Close, near)

60. Dalilah (Guidance)

61. Fadiyah (Self-sacrificing, heroic)

62. Fahimah (Perceptive, understanding)

63. Fai’zah (Successful, winner)

64. Farah (Happiness, joy)

65. Faridah (Unique, unparalleled)

66. Fatimah (One who abstains from forbidden things, also the name of the Prophet’s daughter)

67. Habibah (Beloved)

68. Hadiyah (A woman who guides people to the right path)

69. Hafizah (Protector)

70. Hamidah (Thankful)

71. Hana (Joy, happiness, delight)

72. Hanifah (Devoted believer, one who believes in the oneness of Allah)

73. Hayah (Modesty, chastity, virtue)

74. Hibatullah (Gift from Allah)

75. Hudah (Guidance)

76. Hurriyyah (Splendid companion of Paradise)

77. Ibtisam (Smile)

78. Ilham (Inspiration, muse)

79. Iman (Faith)

80. Inayah (Help, care, protection)

81. Izzatu (Strength, power)

82. Jamilah (Beautiful)

83. Jannah (Paradise, garden)

84. Kamilah (Complete, perfect)

85. Karimah (Generous, honorable)

86. Katibah (Writer)

87. Khalidah (Immortal, eternal)

88. Khaliyah (Solitary, alone)

89. Lailah (Night, ecstasy, intoxication)

90. Latifah (Gentle, subtly kind)

91. Mahdiyah (Well-guided, under the guidance of Allah)

92. Majidah/Majeedah (Praiseworthy, laudable)

93. Madinah (City)

94. Makinah (Powerful, influential)

95. Amatullah (Female servant of Allah)

96. Amaturrahman (Female servant of Allah)

97. Khadijah

98. Juwairiyyah

99. Maimunatu

100. Zainab
101. Sabdat

111. Salmah

112. Rabi’atu

113. Rahmah/Rahmatu

114. Nabilah

115. Saratu

116. Hawwa’u

117. Lubnah

118. Halimatus-Sa’adiyyah

119. Lubabatu

120. Ummu-Khulsum

121. Suwaibatu

122. Ummul-Khair

123. Hafsat

124. Raliyah

125. Ablah (A woman who is fully formed)

126. Badiyyah (A unique name for a very unique girl)

127. Fauziyyah (A woman who always finds success in her life)

128. Hudah (A trending name indicating the correct way to lead a life)

129. Ilham (A girl who is an inspiration for everyone around her)

130. Inbihaj (A cheerful young lady)

131. Karimah (A girl who is extremely generous)

132. Nailah (A name meant for the princess of Egypt)

133. Nabilah (Someone who is noble)

133. Nadimah (Companion)

134. Naziyah (A daughter who brings glory to her family)

135. Salimah (A woman completely flawless in every way)

136. Sarah (Still used widely by many, for its reference to a princess)

137. Safiyyah (An intelligent and wise woman)

138. Tahirah (A pretty exotic name for a chaste woman)

139. Yaminah (A woman who has been brought up the right way)

140. Yasmin (A popular Muslim name for a girl resembling a jasmine flower)

141. Zahrah (As vast and expansive as the desert itself)

142. Zara h (The resplendent nature of a flower)

143. Abidah (The loyal worshipper of Allah)

144. Afafah (A simple and chaste daughter)

145. Aishah (Life, Living Prosperous)

146. Amal (The bringer of hope in the world)

147. Badriyyah (A woman resembling the glow of a full moon)

148. Bilkis (An alternative name for Queen of Sheba)

149. Fadilah (Excellent)

150. Faham (Understanding, Intelligent)

151. Faridah (A daughter who is the most precious one)

152. Fatimah (A modern and common name, which is also the name for the Prophet’s daughter)

153. Fa’izah (A woman who always brings back victory)

154. Hadiyyah (The gift of righteousness granted by the Lord)

155. Intisar (Victory)

156. Jalilah (A girl who manifests illustrious deeds in her life)

157. Jasmine (The aroma of a jasmine flower)

158. Kadirah (A woman who is capable of achieving anything)

159. Malikah (The royal queen of all mankind)

160. Nadiyah (An exotic name for a woman who is the bringer of all new)

161. Nabilah (Happiness)

162. Ni’imah (A girl who is a blessing from Allah)

163. Nur (The shining light sent from Allah)

164. Qadirah (Capable)

165. Sai’dah (A woman who brings good fortune)

166. Samirah (A wonderful name that harkens to a calm evening spent with a friend)

167. Shakirah (Gracefulness)

168. Siddiqah (A girl that never fails to keep her word)

169. Sumayyah (The one who brings endless joy and pride)

170. Zairah (The magnificent nature of a rose)

171. Zahirah (She who shines brightly at night)

172. Afrah (The colour of life and Mother Earth)

173. Adilah (Someone who is equal to all)

174. Alimah (A woman is highly educated and intelligent)

175. Aminah (A girl who can put your trust in)

176. Anan (The shade of a cloud on a sunny day)

177. Azizah (A popular name for a girl that is courageous)

178. Batul (A woman who is calm, silent, and pious)

179. Fadilah (The one born with the virtue of generosity)

180. Fakihah (A classic name that refers to happiness)

181. Fariyah (The smile that adorns a woman’s face)

182. Ghaliyah (Fragrant)

183. Haamidah (One who praises Allah)

184. Hamidah (Praiseworthy)

185. Hanan (A merciful and just woman)

186. Hidayah (An obedient daughter following all instructions)

187. Ibtihal (Prayer, Invocation)

188. Ikrimah (A female pigeon)

189. Jahidah (Abstinent, Helper)

190. Jamilah (A woman with complete feminine grace)

191. Khalilah (The most beloved one of all)

192. Lailah (The intoxicating beauty of the night)

193. Mahirah (A girl filled with liveliness to the brim)

194. Maryam (A reference to Mother Mary and her purity)

195. Humairah (The boldness and strength of the colour, red)

196. Rabi’ah (A woman as gentle as a gust of breeze)

197. Rihannah (Holiness of basil)

198. Sadiyah (A girl who is fortunate no matter what)

199. Suhailah (A shining star in the night sky)

200. Talibah (Someone who looks for knowledge everywhere)

201. Yamamah (Referring to the agile nature of a dove in the wild)

202. Yasmin (A twist on Jasmine, referring the same flower)

203. Zakiyyah (A name referring to a popular historical figure)

204. Zainab (Referring to the Prophet’s wife)

205. Murjanatu

206. Habibah

207. Zulaihatu

208. Nafisah

209. Juwairiyyah

210. Shafa’atu


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation; may Allah extol the mention of our noble Prophet Muhammad in the highest company of Angels, bless him and give him peace and security―and his family, his Companions and all those who follow him correctly and sincerely until the establishment of the Hour.



Compiled by Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, the Chief Imam of Nagazi-Uvete Jumu’ah and the late Alhaji Abdur-Rahman Okene’s Mosques, Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria. He can be reached via: [email protected] or +2348038289761.

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