The Resurrection of Muhammadu Buhari… By Abdullahi O. Haruna Haruspice

He was pronounced dead by those with credible inside sources, a Professor in Atlanta swore to high heavens that President Muhammadu Buhari had died. His satanic audacity was later corroborated by Nnamdi Kanu. So sure were these two young Nigerians that they rechristen him Jubril of Sudan! In blind posture, they dissected the man in pictorial frame- using every part of the man’s body to frame and illustrate their fallacy. Tragically, millions of supposedly educated people bought into the narrative, and the story of Jubril of Sudan gained its desired momentum. How that changed is another wonder in making!
His silence was greeted with mischief, some posited, he was too weak mentally hence the escapist choice to be silent. So convinced were the mischief-makers that the story gained wings and flew in the cloud of cynicism. According to them, the man was brain dead and merely existing for the benefit of a few who wanted to hold on to power. ‘He is not even aware of his existence ‘ was their usual echo of mischief.
All these were rubbished by time and the defiant restraint of President Muhammadu Buhari. For every plot of mischief, he remained calm, unperturbed, and unfazed. How a man remains calm with the ceaseless barrage of onslaught awes me. Perhaps, scholars of behavioural leadership should understudy the calmness of President Buhari even in the face of vicious attacks. This is a mystery in leadership. Even when he eventually speaks, something he rarely does, he shuts them into sullen obscurity. Remember when former President Obasanjo won’t let a day pass without throwing shades at Buhari? After long enduring silence, Buhari sent Obasanjo into permanent abode of silence. ‘Where is the power?’ Was what was needed to stop the Ota man!
For everything this man did, he was splashed with the waters of scorn. When he ended his reign as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the naysayers echoed in smelly splendor – that the man built a fortress in Niger Republic. Many months after his exit, Daura has remained his abode with the ancient city now a mecca of sorts.
Today, the man they collectively pronounced braindead is 81 with pulsating agility. Until God is done with you, no man can harm you. Again, Muhammadu Buhari lives on and on until the end of time. Happy birthday my idol, obsession, and compass.
Happy 81st Birthday Mr integrity.
Resurrectedly musing

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