Tiv Youths urge Benue Govt not to partner with Security outfit linked to repentant terrorist

The Tiv Youth Organisation (TYO) worldwide has urged the Benue state government not to partner with a newly established security outfit in Makurdi named Al-Tershak Global Security Limited.

The new private security outfit said to be linked to a famous repentant Boko Haram Commander, Alh. Aliyu Tershaku has been commissioned to take care of security in Benue, Nasarawa and Plateau states respectively.

In a statement signed by the President General of TYO WorldWide, Comr. Andy Aondongu Anzah, the group said, “Security of lives and property is the paramount duty of a responsible government. The least that is expected of the citizens of such a government is to lend support to ensure that the efforts of government to provide the required security yields.

“It is on this background that Tiv Youth Organization readies itself to collaborate with the government of Benue State led by His Excellency, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia in bringing a lasting solution to the lingering insecurity in the state.”

According to the statement, the group said, “We were horrified to read in a section of the media that a security outfit named AL-TERSHAK GLOBAL SECURITY LTD was commissioned and headquartered in Makurdi, the Benue State capital city. The information filtering in said the outfit covers Benue, Nasarawa and Plateau states.

“We were even more petrified learning that the government of Benue state had approved of this exercise and sent representatives. We were equally worried that the traditional institution was represented at the commissioning.

“But our apprehension was annulled by the absolute denial of the Gov. Alia led administration, through his Chief Press Secretary, Sir, Kula Tersoo of any knowledge or support of the government of Benue State to that initiative. He said ‘The Governor of Benue State is not aware of any Fulani Security outfit and would not have ‘okayed’ one. ‘Yes, Governor Hyacinth Alia is desirous to see IDPs return to their homes and farmlands, but he is not desperate to use all means to achieve this. He is working on legitimate strategies to implement this project he promised the people of Benue State. Very soon, the results will manifest.

“It was pleasing to hear the Deputy Governor, His Excellency, Barr. Sam Ode whom it was alleged had sent his Protocol Officer, Mr. Gabriel Igoche to represent him at the commissioning of the AL-TERSHAK GLOBAL SECURITY LTD debunking such claims. The Deputy Governor said it was the plot by mischievous elements to drag the administration of Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia into a non-existing controversy.

“X-raying the array of speeches at the occasion, one could discern the impression that this security outfit is the best thing to have happened to Benue state since bread and butter. Elaborate testimonies by the director of the outfit, Alh. Aliyu Tershaku and a host of other speakers revealed previous serial successes of the said security outfit in several other parts of Nigeria, including at one point, in Benue, which remains a mystery.

“Nasarawa and Plateau who’s security situation is claimed to have been salvaged by this very security outfit remains as volatile and as restive as a keg of gun powder. Therefore, the promises of salvation emanating from this outfit should never be considered.

“When Gov. Samuel Ortom took over as Governor of Benue State, he inherited a Civilian Joint Task Force headed by Alh. Aliyu Tershaku. The task force was the creation of Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State, Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State and DIG, Mike Zoukhumou. This was in the face of growing insecurity whereby, herdmen massacred Tiv farmers with alarming regularity. Gov. Ortom made Alh. Tershaku his Senior Special Assistant on Special Security.

“What we saw was that the situation plummeted under his watch. While Gov. Ortom’s administration blamed Alh. Tershaku, he countered and cried wolf, and then ran away from Benue state. His links to international terrorist groups began emanating, including the dreaded Boko Haram sect and even other deadlier ones.

“Today, his proposal is before us as the Messiah. This is worrisome to say the least. But the background should caution us from been reckless with our security, especially at this point in time. We want to state unequivocally that the security of the people resides with the locals. Therefore, Tiv Youth Organization is here and ready to collaborate with the government of Benue State to put an end to the prevailing insecurity and successfully return our displaced people back to their ancestral homes.

“We have the man power and the will to achieve this and as well, secure our territories. All the government needs do is to partner with us. We do not believe in the slightest in the promises of any security outfit and the miracles it proposes. We hereby call on the government of Benue State to shun the appeals of AL-TERSHAK GLOBAL SECURITY LTD and return home to collaborate with the existing conventional security, the existing state owned security outfits and the Tiv Youth Organization to seek lasting solutions to our problems.

“We are not in the way of Alh. Tershaku’s security outfit to carry out its business. Only we do not welcome it’s proposal here at this point in time.”

Tiv Youth Organization was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission on 9th June, 1988 with the mandate to coordinate the way of life of the Tiv youths, ensure their welfare and protect the territories of Tiv nation. The youth socio-cultural organization also retains the mandate to support any government in the state that is not anti-Tiv. This is why we pledge to support the administration of Gov. Alia in securing the lives and property of our people as well as ensure their welfare.

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