Trending videos of how Gov Fubara unleashed terror on LG chairmen using police to back thugs litter social media … indeed “jungle don mature” for Rivers

Different trending videos of how Rivers State Governor ,Seminalayi Fubara unleashed terror on Local Government chairmen using policemen to back thugs have emerged on social media.

In the various videos captured in Portharcourt and other local government Secretariats, it’s too glaring that the thugs had state back up to unleash mayhem.

On Monday a video showing militants boasting that they were going to take over the State to back up Fubara had emerged online.

The scene clearly showed in the video that they were warehoused in the heart of Rivers State, the capital, Portharcourt.

Other videos sighted online aptly captured how thugs invaded the various Secretariats across the State.

Recall Fubara had declared that “jungle don mature” and indeed Rivers State was turned into a jungle Tuesday.

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