HAMDALLAH DAMILOLA SHITTA, born 24th July, 1996, died on 11th April, 2020.

Last child of the fifteen children of father, ALHAJI SURAKAT OYEYIGA SHITTA of Imota, Lagos State and, the last child of the seven children of mother, ALHAJA JEMILAT ADUNNI SHITTA of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

She came last but, returned first. Would the grieving cease ! Our loss is immeasurable.

HAMDALLAH was in deed blessed with valuable qualities. She was Patience, intelligent, soft-spoken, calm, brilliant and enterprising.

From Al- Hikma Nursery and Primary School, Otubu, Agege, Lagos to Ilham Secondary School, Oja-Oba, Abule Egba, Lagos, to the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. She passed with distinctions in all the mentioned Schools.

Before gaining admission into UNILORIN, she enrolled for sewing and fashion studies. She commenced learning Arabic and Islamic Studies from MARKAZ UL-LOOM, Otubu with Sheikh Thaoban Adam Abdullahi.

Wallahi HAMDALLAH was blessed. She was very brilliant, she wanted to study Medicine. In fact, I was a lawyer when HAMDALLAH told me that the longest word in the dictionary is I N T E R D E N O M I N A T I O N A L.

Most importantly none of us, the fifteen children of her father could measure up with her, in terms of knowledge and practice of the religion. Well, I got encountered with Kitab wa Sunnah before her but, far before her demise she became my master. In terms of knowledge and practice of pure Islam, she was an exemplary to all of us.

HAMDALLAH’s demise left a big vacuum in my life. I pray Allah raised a replacement before my death. HAMDALLAH was to take care of my family after my death. With her, I believed members of my family would be rightly guided

Could I stop grieving ? Only Allah could make the grieving cease.

Wallahi I’m grieving.
Wallahi I’m saddened.
Wallahi I accept Allah’s decree on this matter.

I pray Allah forgave her, enlarged her qobru and granted her Aljanah Firdaus.

And may Allah reunite her with Mallam Abdulganiy Olawale Lawal. I’m always inspired by his gentility and steadfastness. May Allah enrich his life.

Written by HAMDALLAH’s brother- YUSUF SHITTA ESQ

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