Troops eliminate 185 Terrorists,arrest 212 others in One week- DHQ

Nigerian Military said the Nigerian Troops in the last one week military neutralised 185 Terrorists and arrested 212 of them. Troops also arrested 44 perpetrators of oil theft and rescued 71 kidnapped hostages.


In the South South Nigeria, troops denied the oil theft of the estimated sum of One Billion Sixty Five Million Eight Hundred and Eighty Five Thousand and Fifty Naira (N1,065,885,050.00) only.


Major General Edward Buba, Director, Defence Media Operations disclosed this while briefing Journalists on the ongoing military operations at Defence Headquarters Abuja Thursday,he further stated that troops recovered 224 assorted weapons and 2,337 assorted ammunition.


The breakdown as follows: 113 AK47 rifles, one G3 rifle, one PKT gun, 44 locally fabricated guns, 4 pump action guns, 2 pistols, 2 locally fabricated pistols, one berretta pistol, 25 dane guns, one double barrel gun, one single barrel gun, one locally fabricated revolver gun and 7 IEDs primed.


Others are: 1,382 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 387 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 74 rounds of 9mm ammo, 23 K2 rounds ammo, 111 live cartridges, 5,410 empty cases of 7.62mm special, 6 empty cases of cartridges, 2 magazines loaded with 60 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 21 magazines, one pistol magazine, 2 bandoliers, 2 vehicles, 22 motorcycles, 47 mobile phones, 11 HH radios and the sum of N2,369,670. 00 amongst other items.


He also said Troops in the Niger Delta area discovered and destroyed 12 dugout pits, 61 boats, 56 storage tanks and 13 vehicles. Other items recovered incl 78 cooking ovens, 4 pump machines and 51 illegal refining sites. Nigerian Troops also recovered 815,980 litres of stolen crude oil, 163,675 litres of illegally refined AGO and 1,750 litres of DPK.


DHQ further stated “The armed forces is not oblivious of the security challenges across the country in recent times, particularly with the spike in kidnappings for ransom. Whether or not advertised crowd funding is contributing to the kidnappings across the country remains an ongoing debate.


“The ugly trend of kidnappings has dimed the light on the successes by gallant troops in combating the terrorist , insurgents and their cohorts across the country to create a safer environment for citizens.


” The military recognizes the urgency for an immediate turn around of the situation and is therefore actively working for peace and security across the country. It is worthy of mention to state that, achieving enduring peace in the country , requires that there is a change in the conditions that make the terrorist, insurgents and their cohorts willing to fight and carry dastardly acts on fellow citizens.


“The situation therefore calls for all hands on deck with everyone playing their role towards achieving enduring peace. The armed forces on its part, has boots on the ground strategically deployed across the country to combat the terrorist, insurgents and their cohorts.


” The military understands the true extent of the threat that we are facing and winning the war. Countering insurgency is not a sprint but rather a marathon. Accordingly, troops are taking the fight to the terrorist and making strides each passing day. Much has been done, and much more is still being done to achieve peace and security across the country’.



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