What Men Find Attractive In Women, Studies Reveal

It has been proven scientifically that what men find attractive in women is more than just beauty and looks. The questions are: What exactly do men find attractive in women? Is it their hip ratio? A particular hair colour? How do their long legs look in heels? Or maybe it’s all about their positive personality traits?


Meanwhile, there is no room for any guesswork. There have been a lot of studies conducted on this topic and they have preferred enough insights. It’s important to note that personal preference exists. But there are some things the majority of men find attractive in women no matter their specific taste. Surprisingly, sometimes it is not even intentional. Some things attract men toward women without them even noticing or understanding why.


But guessing no more, let’s see what those studies have been talking about! These things are the answers you have been looking for!


Women Behavior

The way a woman acts and behaves can be just as important as the way she flutters those beautiful long lashes. There are a few characteristics that can make every woman infinitely more beautiful (without touching their looks!). Here’s what speaks “attractiveness” to most men’s hearts.


1. Perfect Sense Of Humor: In about everyone’s opinion, the sense of humour is among the most common things that men find attractive in women. But, according to studies, men and women have different choices and preferences when it comes to humour. Humour is something that translates across all communication and is universally attractive. You can be sitting next to someone on a train or messaging a guy that you met on high-quality dating apps – a great sense of humour is something that will ALWAYS get a guy’s attention.


It isn’t always quite so straightforward though. There are a few differences between men and women and their sense of humour that you need to understand.


For women, those men who are funny AND appreciative at the same time are considered perfect. Whereas for men, the woman doesn’t need to be funny herself – instead she should just be able to respond to their jokes and thus make them feel good (hmm…). Simply speaking, if a man is joking about something, and a woman gets the joke (and laughs at it) – bingo! The door to that men’s heart begins to open.


2. Confidence And Risk-Taking Behaviors: We all have met that woman in our life. She didn’t look like a 10, but her confidence and bravery radiated such powerful attractiveness that everyone around her was adoring her! That’s how magnetizing confidence is. This goes both ways – both men and women like confidence and risk-taking behaviours. In fact, risky behaviour, in particular, can be a huge turn-on for all genders (3).


Men find it especially attractive when a woman is ready to accompany them and enjoy adventures and trips together. These activities can include mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, skiing, getting tattoos, and any other stuff. Even if you don’t know how to do any of these, a lot of men would love to teach you these things because it allows them to show off their strength and masculinity (but you must be confident enough to take the risk!).


Being attracted to risky things might be one of the reasons why men seem to be attracted to females with tattoos and piercings. Since they send a signal of bravery and acceptance of riskier things, such women appear very attractive to a lot of men.


Note: While risky behaviours can be extremely fun, you should always remember to stay safe, no matter what. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, there’s absolutely no need to pretend that you like it, even if that’s something a man likes.


3. Feminine Independence: While men do like women to depend on them for certain things, studies have shown that men find attractive women that are independent, self-supportive, and not needy. They might like you to ask them for their help, but being needy turns them off. Men seem to also like when women can make their own decisions, and manage their fears or insecurities without needing support from their men.


4. Kindness, Honesty, And Responsibility: A nice personality does matter after all! Men won’t like you if you are rude and straightforward for no reason… Instead, men do find attractive women who are kind and caring. A woman who knows how to deal with a situation smoothly is also appreciated by men.


These traits are important because kindness gives men the heads up about a good relationship, honesty means they can trust you, and responsibility signals that a woman can be supportive, helping, and an equal partner in every life situation. After all, a long-term romantic attraction is expected to morph into long-lasting relationships. Therefore, anything that indicates a nice family and a happy life together is important both to men and women.


Women Looks

We can pretend it’s not true, we can pretend it’s not right, but beauty and looks are still extremely important when choosing a partner. Attractive women can even make men stressed when they’re around (1) – that’s how powerful feminine beauty is! Here’s what men find attractive in women’s appearance.


5. Mature Appearance: It is annoying and worrying when you see those grey hair popping out of your head, and you suddenly think that you look old… But, surprise surprise! According to some studies, men do actually like the mature look of a woman. It seems that men who were born with older mothers (above 30) were more likely to choose a mature and a bit older woman for a long-term relationship.


Mature women also tend to have more attractive personality traits that come with older age. They have fewer feelings of irrational shame, fear, or insecurities. This can signal a more stable relationship. However, maturity might not be the case in short-term relationships, where younger women seem to be a preferred choice.


6. Pretty And Healthy Hair: There is no denying that hair is one of those physical things that men find attractive in women. Sometimes, hair is the first thing that men notice in a woman, especially if it’s long, shiny, and healthy.


However, a survey was conducted on women where 71% of them said that they don’t expect their potential love interest to notice their hair! But men say that they do like hair a lot (especially when they are down, and some men prefer messy buns).


The hair colour seems to be a question of taste, but women with blonde, luscious locks seem to have an upper hand. Lighter hair colours are associated with youth, playfulness, and more positive parenting potential and this might explain why blonde hairstyles seem to never go out of style. Another thing to notice is that men are easily turned off by hair that has too many products in it, is greasy, very short, or dyed in a very unnatural colour.


7. Red Lips Or Clothes: Red is their weakness! It might be strange, but men really do like the red colour around a woman (5). This colour is associated with passion, love, desire, and heat. It was thought that maybe men like this colour because it excites them (pinky hues remind them of feminine parts, that is!), but studies have proven otherwise. It is not about physical feeling, men just really like the red colour, and they can’t ignore a woman wearing red – it’s so attention-grabbing!


8. Facial symmetry: This is when the left side of your face matches the right side of your face and vice versa, with things matching up perfectly from one side to another and according to researchers, this is a lot more attractive as well.


9. Strong eye contact: Forget that saying about the eyes being the window to the soul because they’re also the door to keeping a lover’s attention. Turns out your pupils dilate a little more when you’re attracted to someone. The kicker? People are apparently super attracted to dilated pupils. Lesson learned: never miss an opportunity to fixate your eyes on your intended bae.


10. Great teeth: Research suggests that straight, white teeth are very attractive, too. And what makes this particularly important can be seen in number 4 below.


11. Beautiful smiles: Another study suggests that men are so drawn to women who smile a lot. This is pretty right too as smiling obviously makes women more beautiful than moping and frowning. men are significantly more attracted to women who smile. It’s not like you’ll be reeling them in with a grimace.


12. A higher-pitched voice: High-pitched voices are apparently sexier. Researchers suggest it’s because higher voices suggest a smaller body size, which our society deems more attractive.


13. Colour red: A certain study of colour stereotypes included two photos of the exact same woman. She wore blue in one picture and red in the other, posing the same way in both. According to the results, the photo of the woman in red was rated as more attractive and sexually desirable. This apparently explains why red lingerie is in high demand.


Women Skills?

There are some things that most women are born with, and they make men lose their minds for them. Some might sound like a cliche, but we’re not trying to debunk common stereotypes here – just sharing what we found in our research. Okay? Okay!


14. Cooking Skills: Of course! It’s still a thing and the old saying that “the road to a man’s heart goes through his stomach” is still alive. Men do find it attractive when women can cook and fill their bellies with tasty foods. Cooking is also a sign of caring, and men love to be cared for. The fact that women can cook delicious meals might be related to the fact that mothers are cooking for their children. Therefore, being presented with a delicious meal resembles a feeling of being cared for.


14. The Ability To Create Beauty: Women are notoriously good at creating beauty everywhere around them – and most men like it! Decorating home, creating perfectly matching outfits and makeup looks, taking old things and making them look new – all of these skills are extremely attractive to men. This is a case of “the opposites attract”. Just like women are often attracted to things that feel totally different to them (like “bad boys”, or irresponsible guys), men are attracted to gentlewomen and the power in their feminine touch.


15. That Motherhood Instinct: Human behaviour is always influenced by our need to procreate. Most women tend to have a motherhood instinct, which means they’re naturally drawn to playing with children, taking care of them, and, well, having them! The love for kids is practically installed in a women’s brain so women usually find it easier to care for babies and children than men.


Since generally men like anything that signals them of a healthy mother for their children (ah, nature!), motherly behaviour can also be very attractive to a lot of men. In fact, mother-like warmth is something a lot of men are looking for in their potential partners.


Physically Appearance

16. Waist and hips ratio (WHR) – men usually like when a woman’s hips are wider than her waist (a sign of good fertility);

17. Anything that signals good health – rosy cheeks, healthy hair, clear skin, healthy-looking body;

18. Obviously – their body with nothing on;

19. Larger chest (a sign of enough milk for a potential baby);

20. Men seem to prefer when women wear less makeup and have a more natural look instead;

21. Both men and women look more attractive with straight posture;

22. It has been proven that men are more attracted to women when they’re ovulating;

23. Straight males tend to like higher feminine voices (a signal of youth and thus – fertility);

24. Just like women, men seem to be attracted to signs of good hygiene (like good smell, clean hair, skin, and clean clothes).


So, The Mystery Has Unfolded…

What do men find attractive in women? Everything that reminds them how beautiful, caring and different women are from them. Anything that signals your motherhood potential and reproductive success. Anything that makes them feel good when they’re around women. Then, just sprinkle it all with humour, willingness to be risky and great hair… That sounds like a lot! But if you are a woman who is reading this, know that you have most of these things by default.

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