Why I want to be president — Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu yesterday said he wanted the party’s presidential ticket because he had what it takes to lead the nation to a brighter future.


Addressing delegates at the APC Presidential Convention in Abuja, he said the party must come out of the convention stronger and better, poised for victory.


Tinubu said he had the experience, having led Lagos to being the fifth largest economy in Africa today.


“I will use the experience and it will benefit all Nigerians,” Tinubu said.


According to him, his experience makes him unique among other aspirants.



Tinubu said: “My experience in office and the knowledge gained through hard work, tough trials and patient undertaking have prepared men for this hour.



“I am a man of purpose with a serious mission. My vow is to use all that I know and all of my abilities to the benefit of the nation and its people.


“I do not step forward because I think this nomination is my due. I step forward because I can help lead our nation to become what it ought to be.


“I do not say this as a boast. Hear me out. I claim not to be special nor great. My training, experiences, acquired knowledge are what are special and uniquely suited for this moment. I am merely a conduit, a servant of a cause much larger than myself.


“Now is a time for progressive vision and singular purpose. There is a general agreement that 2023 will be an encounter with destiny when our nation shall need a certain type of leader to realise a better Nigeria.


“We need to build a Nigeria where sufficient jobs for the urban population are available and lead to a good life most wholly benefits the nation.


“Think big at this moment that we may accomplish great things in the next APC administration that will come on 29 May 2023.”

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