Why we can not approve payment with BVN – NASS , Lai Muhammed explain

Since many Nigerians have asked why it started in Abuja, North Central. Others are asking for their own share of the money through bank transfer. But the truth is that the Federal Government cannot pay every Nigeria N20,000 at this time.

The Federal Government of Nigeria began the disbursement of N20,000 to the poorest people in Nigeria.

The aim is to ensure that the Sit At Home Order doesn’t affect the poor so much. The disbursement which started yesterday in Kwali Abuja saw some poor Nigerians get the amount as promised by President Buhari.

I know you will ask of the donations made by some cooperate organisations and individuals. The total amount is about 57 billion naira which is not enough to purchase the highly needed medical materials to fight Coronavirus. Each ventilator cost about $17,000.

The federal government will need about N770 billion to pay 38.5 million Nigerians with BVN linked bank accounts N20, 000 each.

I wonder where it will get this money at this time, when the world economy is almost shut down. That’s why the Federal Government has focused its attention on the poorest people in Nigeria who are mainly in the Northern Nigeria.

The federal government should also try hard to provide support to other Nigerians because these are hard times. No amount is too small to receive as an alert from government.

Everybody knows that the North has alot of poor people due to Insurgency, Poor Education and Almajiri. That’s why they will benefit more in this situation. But this is not to say that Nigerians from the South don’t deserve palliative measures.

On Tuesday April 7, Speaking with minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development,

Sadiya Umar Farouq, in Femi Gbajabiamila the leader of House of Representatives and Ahmed lawal, Senate president berated how the money is being shared. They alledged that those who ought to be beneficiaries are not included because of the current arrangement of the ministry’s.

The NASS leaders called for better arrangement and advices that there must be a review of the way the Social intervention programme is being handled under the current lockdown situation. “I want to tell you that the most of those who are supposed to benefit have no access to it. They have no access to the Internet. “They dont bank account, thereby no BVN. Most of them don’t even have phone to know about any program so how will use use BVN to share the money for the poorest in the country.

Now coronavirus situation, need our focus and atttention more than ever before. Thia is the time we need to review the ways and manner the social intervention delivery her programme to Nigerians. “We need to be better in terms of method of delivery and without doubt, what we have been doing in the past cannot deliver exactly what will solve the problems of the most poorest and most vulnerable Nigerians,” Ahmed Lawan Senate president said

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