WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY: NIS Rivers State Comptroller,James Sunday tasks personnel on dangers of Environmental pollution

The Comptroller of Immigration Service, Rivers State Command ,James Sunday, , has used the occasion of World Environment Day to caution Officers and Men of the Rivers State Command on the danger of keeping a dirty and polluted Environment both at work and home in order to live a healthy ,Productive and safe live.

He warned men of the service not to join force with individuals or groups that polluted the environment,
“In the office,at home,on the street, we must learn to avoid polluting the environment with leather or plastic mostly from drinks and chewables.
“The decency of an Officer is to know where to eat and drink and when and if possible how to dispose off what we drink or eat is paramount, especially in our offices and homes,for us as custodians of valuable and sensitive documents to avoid attracting rodents,cockroaches,etc that may invade and destroy such documents,the more reason why apart from health related,it is for the safety and protection of our documents on paper, which if destroyed may be difficult to recover or retrieve valuable informations,it is advisable to destroy by burning off disposables to avoid littering the environment, for our good and that of those that visits our facilities or our homes.
“We must cherish the adage that says Health is Wealth,hence,avoiding pollution and dirts,and keeping the environment clean,unpolluted and unlithered,this by way of standard and evaluation make us earn the name Gentle man officer,our environment tells much on our discipline and attitude,we must join the vanguard of those that keeps the environment clean from pollution and dirts,if we can keep our uniforms clean,we can do same with our environment,where we live and where we work,and I will add where we walk.Happy World Environment Day,Peace and Safety to all our Citizens and Non Citizens on this occasion” The Comptroller stated.

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