You see this life, its rotating bench By Haruspice

Remember when everyone particularly the poor had horses and only the rich drive in cars? Today, the poor are proud car owners while affluence is measured by those who own horses. When was the last time you saw a poor man with a horse? Maybe as a stable controller!


Bicycle was exclusively for the poor, today, only the rich own bicycles. They use it as a tool of exercise and luxury.


Have you also observed that the rich are now going back to the farm while the poor are rushing to the cities for greener pasture? Today, almost every rich man has a big farm outside the city centres. The rich guys are leaving the city centres in droves. In the rural farms, they find peace and tranquillity away from the bustling headache of the cities.


You still didn’t notice that these days, young ladies are overtly excited on their wedding days. They show unmitigated happiness and seem to be in a hurry to leave their parents’ house. Unlike those days, when ladies cry their eyes out on their wedding day. Ironically, those who cry when getting married had lasting marriages than those who danced in ecstatic frenzy to their matrimonial homes.


In this life, nothing is constant and static, the poor and the rich are merely changing positions, that is why a rich man will use a very cheap phone while a girl whose father struggled to pay her N40,000 school fee is using a phone of N800k!


Garri was just food until the rich man decided to call it a snack , today, garri that was a stable sustenance for the poor is now out of the price reach of the poor. While the poor eat noodles, the rich luxuriate with garri!


This life with her changing dynamics sha!


Ironically musing

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