10 memorable Quotes of Winnie Mandela

For several years, many looked on to the late Winnie Mandela as a source of wisdom. Sadly, Winnie passed away on April 2, 2018, Easter Monday, at the age of 81.

Here are some of her greatest quotes:

1.”To those who oppose us, we say, ‘Strike the woman, and you strike the rock’.”

2. “I am the product of the masses of my country and the product of my enemy.”

3. “They think because they have put my husband on an island that he will be forgotten. They are wrong. The harder they try to silence him, the louder I will become!”

4. “There is no longer anything I can fear. There is nothing the government has not done to me. There isn’t any pain I haven’t known.”

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5. “It is only when all black groups, join hands and speak with one voice that we shall be a bargaining force which will decide its own destiny.”

6. “If you are to free yourselves you must break the chains of oppression yourselves. Only then can we express our dignity, only when we have liberated ourselves can we co-operate with other groups. Any acceptance of humiliation, indignity or insult is acceptance of inferiority.”

7. “All what we fought for is not what is going on right now. It is a tragedy that he lived and saw what was happening, we cannot pretend like South Africa is not in crisis, our country is in crisis and anyone who cannot see that is just bluffing themselves.”

8. “Together, hand in hand, with our matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country.”

9. “The overwhelming majority of women accept the patriarchy and protect it. Traditionally, the violated wife offloads her aggression onto the daughter-in-law. Men dominate women through the agency of women themselves.”

10. “I’m not sorry. I will never be sorry. I would do everything I did again if I had to. Everything.”


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