100 Years Anniversary,: Ansar-ud-deen Youth Northern Council empowers 10 students

The Ansar-ud-deen Youth Association, ADYAN Northern state council under the leadership of Aliyu ilias during the student week celebration in the month of June, to mark the Ansar-ud-deen 100 years anniversary, provided scholarship to 10 students from College of Education, Polytechnic, University and other Tertiary institution.


The aim according to Aliyu Ilias was to encourage beneficiaries to perform well in their academics and do the country proud.


The beneficiary students cut across all institution in the Northern Nigeria.


Aliyu ilias emphasized that all the Nigerian youth must be committed to their education as it remained the way forward for individual development and the Nigeria development.


“It is agreed that we can also learn a craft but education will make us to manage our craft better.


“During the student week about 40 branches of ADYAN visited tertiary institutions that are close to them, to identified with MSSN student and encourage to be focus in their education” Aliyu added.


The event took place on 25th June, 2023

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