2023: Middle Belt Leaders, Delegates endorse Peter Obi

Leaders of Middle Belt Communities and delegates from the Southern and Middle Belt Alliance, have endorsed the Presidential ambition of Peter Obi of Labour Party ahead of 2023 Presidential Elections.


Other groups that also endorsed the former Governor of Anambra state in a communique read by Rev. Aminchu Adamu, at the “Middle Belt Save Nigeria Conference” held in Jos, Plateau State on Saturday, August 27, 2022, were Trade Unions, Market Leaders, Student, Religious and Youth leaders in the middle belt region of Nigeria.


Opening the endorsement of Peter Obi was the leader of Middle Belt Community Leadership delegates, Hon. Joshua Mape, who lamented the economic hardship of the people in the region as a result of bad governance and insecurity in the region said that Mr Obi has what it takes to turn the economic fortunes of the country around just as he did when he was the governor of Anambra state.


The representative of the group said, “Peter Obi is a wealth creator and we believe, he will transform Nigeria by moving the country from a consumption economy to a productive economy and he will also reduce the cost of governance the way he did while he was the governor of Anambra state.


“Under his watch, Anambra was the least indebted state in the country, he returned all public schools to missionaries with N600 million take off grant, Anambra also has the best road network under his administration.


“We support Peter Obi because we believe in justice and fairness,” Hon. Mape stated.


The representative of Youth and Students Alliance, Agustine Danladi also expressed dissatisfaction with lack government funding for Nigeria’s higher Institutions of learning and the apparent indifference of the present government to the precarious situation.


He however submitted that with the emergence of Peter Obi as President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, the higher Institutions will be better funded, and Mr Obi will transform the nation’s education sector just as he did in Anambra state.


According to him, “we know what he did when he was the governor of Anambra state. He took the state from number 24 to number 1 in WAEC results in the country. “I am confident that if given the chance, he will do the same thing at the nation’s education sector”, Danladi stated.


Also, the representative of market groups and traders in the Middle Belt also supported the ambition of Peter Obi saying that they are sure of his capacity to industrialize the nation.


On their part, SAMBA, and Peter Obi Support Network (POSN) under the platform of Political Action groups said that Peter Obi has the character and credibility to make Nigeria work again adding that he is a man who is ready to take Nigeria from a consumption economy to productive economy.


The groups said, “Obi has shown from his track record that he is competent, and he has what he takes to move Nigeria forward. He has the character and credibility; he is a man who is ready to take Nigeria from consumption economy to productive economy”


Religious group in the middle belt represented by Rev. Aminchi Adamu said they were under perpetual fear to attend at their place of worship because of insecurity in the country. They further submitted that the groups look forward to vote Peter Obi as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in February 2023.


Responding, the presidential candidate of Labour Party appreciated the groups for the confidence reposed in him by their endorsement.


Mr Peter Obi who spoke via a recorded video message said he has been listening to the deliberations despite being in faraway Germany.


He said, “I appreciate your sacrifice, I have been listening to your deliberations, I thank you most sincerely for your trust in me. I assure that I will bring development to Nigeria.


“Next years Presidential election must not be based on tribe or religion, but on competence and character. I assure that we will build better Nigeria together.”

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