When former Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, signified his intention to join the fray of those jostling to run the affairs of the All Progressives Congress(APC) heirarchy specifically as the National Secretary of the party, it became evident to keen observers that the party was in for a bout of good administrative tenure whilst its fortune in the Southwest, especially Oyo State where Shittu hails from would enjoy a boost moreso in the forthcoming general elections.

Shittu, a successful businessman, proven administrator and astute lawyer has had a very impactful political career both at the state level and even at the national level, most recently, as a federal Minister of Communications.

Far from being a neophyte in occupying political positions, Shittu, in 1979, was elected into the Oyo State House of Assembly, appointed twice as Commissioner in Oyo State and, at the advent of this present APC government, was appointed a Federal Minister with Communications as his portfolio.

That is not all. He has aspired, twice, as governor of Oyo State, first, on the platform of the Conference for Progressive Change and, very recently, on the platform of the All Progressives Congress.

Shittu, being a legal practitioner, promises to deploy his legal knowledge to the discharge of duties at the National Secretariat keeping the party away from infringing on the laws of the land. Knowing the law and what it demands, he intends to legally steer the administrative affairs of the ruling party such as would prevent legal infractions that may, negatively, affect the fortunes of the party. This will not only guarantee that it stays in power, it will ensure it wins future elections.

Shittu is best-positioned to be the National Secretary of the party especially now that the party is enmeshed in intra-party squabbles. He is a foundation member of the All Progressives Congress who served in the Merger Committee that mid-wifed the founding of the party. As such, he can be referred to as a bridge across the divides of the party.

With the position zoned to Oyo State, he has an edge over his closest contender, Iyiola Omisore, who is, technically, not qualified for the exalted position as he is from Osun State. Also, Iyiola Omisore can be considered a new entrant into the party having just crossed to the All Progressives Congress. Adebayo Shittu is home-grown as far as APC is concerned.

And to cap it all, Adebayo Shittu is disciplined, forthright and of great integrity. All political positions he has held, in times past, has been without blemish. He has nothing to fear as there is no skeleton in his cupboard. The screening being done for candidates, for Adebayo Shittu, is mere formality. Prior screenings, as Commissioner-designate, and, as Minister-appointee, have been without spot.

The party National Secretary position is for a man, committed, intelligent and, above all, forthright. Adebayo Shittu deserves your support. The APC National Secretary fits him most aptly.


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