CAC deploys additional component on Company Registration Portal





The Corporate Affairs Commission CAC has introduced an additional innovation on it’s Company Registration Portal (CRP) for ease of filing, surrender ,allotment, transfer, and transmission of shares.

A statement released by the Management of the commission on Wednesday 21st of December, 2022 and issued by the Head Media, Rasheed Mahe stated that going forward customers and the general public can now take advantage of the additional component deployed on the Company’s Registration Portal (CRP) for filing of the following notices .

The additional component included surrender of shares to company as a gift, allotment of shares, transfer of shares and transmission of shares in that order.

The management says this is in addition to the alteration of Memorandum and Articles of Association of a company and amendment of constitution of incorporated trustees, which components had since been deployed and active on the CRP.

The commission had embarked on series of innovations to simplify the process of both new and existing companies ease of doing business.

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