EASTER : NSCIA felicitates with Christians

The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), under the leadership of its President-General and Sultan of Sokoto, Alh. Muhmmad Sa’ad Abubakar on behalf of the Nigerian Muslim Ummah has felicitated with the entire Nigerian Christians on the auspicious occasion of Easter 2020.

The council prayed the Almighty God to avail the Christians the opportunity of witnessing and celebrating more of it in good health on the surface of the earth.

NSCIA said : “As people of faith, we are conscious of the importance of Easter in the lives of Christians, especially as it symbolises rebirth, renewal and re-awakening. The significance of Easter cannot even be more compelling than now that the whole world is facing the devastating consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic which impacts on our lifestyle and religious worship.”

“In this season of our collective lockdown and reflection, we join you to pray that the Almighty God renew us in righteousness and devotion to His Noble Cause so that as fallible humans, we shall overcome the biggest challenge of our lifetime and glorify Him in large numbers in our various places of worship very soon.”

“We want to enjoin you to also use this opportunity to join us in working more harmoniously, in our collective interest, to banish insecurity, intolerance, corruption and other ills plaguing our dear country. It is evident that the challenges facing us are the same and our concerted efforts are more urgent now than at any other time as we are all victims. Thus, we are certain that with sincerity, devotion, cooperation, love and more work, we shall overcome the challenges that confront us as Nigerians in particular and humanity at large.”

“Once again, on behalf of the Nigerian Muslim Ummah, we wish the entire Nigerian Christians happy and joyous celebrations at home as you keep safe and remain blessed.”l

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