Guys, here’s my first warning for the year By Funke Egbemode

You know, generally, women are believed to be the ones with caustic tongues. We are supposed to be the ones who have ways of talking themselves into trouble. We nag. We dare and goad men into beating us up and now turn around to call them wife batterers and even murderers. True, most of them most of the time. But men can actually be worse. They do and say what sometimes put them in early graves. They goad their women too. And when you see a nagging husband in action, wow, he’s a sight to behold, negatively, that is.


Unlike wives, a mean husband is not a man of many words. His words are short but searing. His longest statement is like an express train speeding on black ice. You and I know the destination can’t be El-Dorado.


Of course, many times, the man doesn’t know his words may kill him but women hurt and very deeply too. Some men proudly tell whoever cares to listen that they do not beat their wives but they are kings of verbal and emotional abuse. And I repeat, women hurt deeply. We do not forget easily. That is why a woman who has been married for 35 years can remember what her husband was wearing the day he said that her soup had no salt. We are made like that. So, my first warning of the year to men is: watch what you say to your wives. Do not ever think because she has been your wife for 25 years, she has no choice except to stay with you in that marriage. Do not think the four children she has for you will insulate you from the venom of a hurt woman, especially the one you have abused for years. A scorned, abused, goaded and ready-for-vengeance wife is one to be feared, deeply feared.

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