HIJRAH 1442 AH : Oyo Speaker congratulates Muslims

As Muslims across the globe celebrate the commencement of the new Islamic Year 1442, the Speaker,Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon Adebo Ogundoyin has congratulated Islamic faithful on the new year and urged them to imbibe the spiritual lessons of Hijrah, the migration of early Muslims from Makkah to Medina in 622ce to escape from further persecution, hatred and attack.
The Speaker in a message to mark the Islamic new year expressed happiness on the sighting of the Crescent for the new Islamic year , Hijrah 1442 .
According to Hon Ogundoyin, Hijrah was one of the most important events in the history of Islam as early Muslims had to leave their homes and properties to live in Medina where they were warmly received by their hosts.
He said the major lessons of sacrifice, courage and hope demonstrated by early Muslim emigrants must be emulated by the present Muslims in order for them to gain spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation.
Oyo State Speaker explained that ” Hijrah was a turning point in the Islamic history. It was the period Allah commanded Prophet Muhammad to leave Mecca with his followers where the unbelievers were making life unbearable for them
and move to Medina where the residents not only aided his divine mission but also accommodated his followers”
Hon Ogundoyin used the Islamic new year message to advised Nigerians irrespective of social and religious status to borrow a leaf from the historic migration of Prophet Muhammad by abandoning all unholy acts capable of further plunging this country into economic, social and political crises.
He also urged Nigerians to always extend hands of fellowship and brotherhood to one another as demonstrated by the people of Medina who welcomed and showed love to the Meccan Muslims chased out of their homes by the idolators .
“Nigeria will be a better place to live in if we tolerate and accommodate ourselves despite our ethnic and religious diversities. We should be selfless by thinking of what will benefit us collectively rather than individually. Oyo Speaker admonished.
He prayed to Allah to make the new Islamic year a prosperous and peaceful year for the Nation , African continent and the entire world at large

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