How Police forged remand warrant to detained Victim for months

A case bordering on alleged abuse of office came up for hearing at the ongoing Independent Investigative Panel on SARS and other units of the Nigeria Police.
In a complaint filed by Sani Bello, a research analyst with Save the Soul Transparency and Eagle eyes International foundation, Bello stated in his petition the atrocities suffered by one of the organization’s agents, Dr. George Davidson in the hands of some police officers in Abuja.
Narrating before the panel, Dr. Davidson (victim) stated that in the cause of carrying out his official duties of exposing corruption in every sector of the society, he reported the activities of a level 9 officer (Regina) who was working with the Nigerian Civil Service Commission who is also an owner of a big estate as well as a serving Director of a private organization.
According to Davidson, he filed a petition to the IGP in respect of his findings on Regina and he was invited and tender evidence of Regina’s account details, pictures and other vital documents to IPO Ihenware.
He stated further that the Police to whom he reported Regina’s matter to, suddenly turned against him as he was constantly arrested, and mistreated.
Dr. Davidson further, told the panel how he was arrested and moved from one correctional service to another with forged remand warrants by the Police.
He also alleged torture, lack of fair hearing and confiscation of personal property by the Police.
Dissatisfied with the presentation of facts by the petitioner who also stood in as his own counsel, Chairman of the panel, Justice Suleiman Galadima rtd. directed Chino Obiagwu SAN (Counsel to the panel) to stand in as the petitioner’s counsel to assist in adequately presenting the case before the panel.
Justice Galadima rtd. thereafter adjourned the matter to 27 Jan. 2021 to enable counsels study the matter and present same appropriately. Other respondents in the matter are also to be served hearing notices to appear before the panel accordingly.

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