1️⃣INEC in broad daylight truncated the Nigeria’s electoral process by unashamedly refusing to deploy ICT-systems as required/supported by law to promote openness, transparency, voter-confidence, and the integrity of the electoral process. All the confusion in Nigeria today is traceable to INEC’s refusal to do the right thing, as it had earlier undertaken. *Lawyers did not protest against INEC’s ugly action* Or, did they?


2️⃣. NBA collects Bar Practicing Fee annually from lawyers in Nigeria. Show me one giant stride NBA has recorded over the years in the legal profession for NBA members. Virtually zero!!!!

*Why are you, lawyers, not protesting at NBA Headquarters?*


3️⃣. A CJN is sworn in Nigeria, and he makes all manner of promises of transforming the profession and justice delivery. Yet, he leaves office achieving absolutely nothing!!! I mean nothing as in no achievement at all.


*How many lawyers are protesting?*


A particular CJN was openly accused of incompetence and corruption by all other justices of the Supreme Court. He resigned. Yet, the same CJN was shortly thereafter conferered with the National Honour of GCON, and later paid N2.5 billion as retirement benefits.

*How many lawyers protested?*


4️⃣. Succesicve Nigerian leaders have led Nigeria from good to bad, to worse, and to a rotten state. Nigeria, with all its abundant human and natural resources, has become a laughing stock in the comity of nations. No be so?

*Why are you, lawyers, not protesting?*


5️⃣. Nigerian leaders in all facets, brazenly loot our national treasury, with impunity.

*Why are you, lawyers, not protesting?*


6️⃣. Nigeria is the only oil-producing country in the world without a single functioning refinery.

*Why are lawyers not protesting?*


7️⃣. Rule of law in Nigeria has been reduced to an absolute irrelevance or an inconsequential concept.

*How many lawyers in Nigeria are protesting against this?*


8️⃣. CJN Onnoghen was unconstitutionally removed from office by an illegal ex parte order issued by CCT. Paul Usoro, SAN as NBA President called lawyers to protest.

*How many joined?* Many stayed away!


9️⃣. Insecurity and criminality have overwhelmed our country, with leaders and public-office holders seen openly hobnobbing with, condoning, and supporting the terrorists that kill Nigerians. *How many lawyers have protested against these?*


🔟. Nigerian are facing unprecedented excruciating pain, lack and hardship as a result of cluelessness and hopelessness of leaders at all levels.

*Why are lawyers not protesting?*


1️⃣1️⃣. Many ENDSARS PROTEST leaders and participate are still languishing in detention centres across Nigeria, without trial!

*”Why are lawyers not protesting?*


1️⃣2️⃣. In Nigeria today, human life is worth less in value than the life of chicken. Citizens are massacred daily, killed as rats and chicken. And nothing, absolutely nothing, is being done to stop this degeneration into lawlessness.

*Why are lawyers not protesting?*


1️⃣3️⃣. Cows and cattle enjoy greater rights and higher privileges than the human citizens of Nigeria.

At a Point, *Mr Pastor FEMI ADESINA* in his shameless brainlessness, warned all indigenous Nigerians to choose between their lives and abandoning their ancestral lands to “herdsmen” for “cattle gazing”. See: *”GIVING LAND FOR RANCHING BETTER THAN DEATH” FEMI ADESINA”* 04 July 2018.<>


Thereafter, herdsmen and their terrorists wing went on massacring indigenous Nigerians and grabbing their lands with absolute impunity!

*Why are lawyers not protesting?*


1️⃣4️⃣. As a results of the inefficiency, ineffectiveness, cluelessness, incompetence, indolence, and lack of coordination and pragmatism among leaders of the legal profession (the Bar and the Bench) disappointment, disillusionment, frustration, joblessness, and hopelessness have completely enveloped the legal profession in Nigeria. Many Lawyers now wallow in abject penury and persistent lack. Some female lawyers have even turned to “hook-up”, and doing commercial SOMETHING just to survive. Some male and female lawyers have found solace in demeaning Charge-and-Bail practice, touting, ambulance-chasing, stealing of clients from fellow lawyers, all manner of sharp practices, Yahoo-Yahoo, just to survive. Many are exiting law practice as a result of frustration.

*Why are you not protesting against these?*


1️⃣5️⃣. Now, A. G. ABUBAKAR, ESQ came in as the Registrar-General of the Corporate Affairs Commission, and practically deployed ICT-system that radically transformed the whole face of the CAC, and made doing legal business at CAC stress-free or less stresssful. Before A. G. ABUBAKAR came on board, lawyers could spend up to 3-4 weeks just to reserve a name for company or business-name registration at CAC. And one had, THEN, to personally be at the CAC office, and experiencing all manner of bottlenecks plus atrocious extortions and by some CAC officials before one’s legal job could be attended to. The process of registration of company could, THEN, last up to 3-4 months before the arrival of A.G. ABUBAKAR as the RG of CAC. Now, A. G. ABUBAKAR installed ease-of-doing business; for the past almost 4 years he was at CAC as the RG, No more delays.

No more hassles!

No more extortions!


🅰️ The entire process of registration of a company (from application for approval and reservation of name up to conclusion, and then collection of Certificate of Incorporation) does not last beyond SEVEN (7) DAYS (I mean seven days!!!!) unless the applicant has not fulfilled necessary conditions-precedent to registration of his company or business name.


🅱️. Besides, NOW, one could from one’s bedroom, start and finish the whole process of incorporation of a company, and within one week. One can now start and finish any legal job at CAC, from one’s bedroom, without any reasons whatsoever to personally or physically visit the CAC office.

◾.YET, the same man is removed and some lawyers suddenly start protesting to celebrate his removal. Unthinking, undiscerning, brainless brownnosers.

*◾Lawyers are a greater part of the problems of Nigeria!!!!!* From his strides at the CAC, A.G. ABUBAKAR is among the few to have made outstanding strides in public office in Nigeria. Those castigating him are mostly sponsored by the few disgruntled, corrupt CAC staffers whose corrupt, extortionist tendencies had been halted, and shut out by A.G. ABUBAKAR’s ICT-driven 21st-century innovativeness at the CAC.


My opinion, with due respect.



Sylvester Udemezue (udems)


[email protected].



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