Match- Making Paid Off Greatly,our Marriage is 20years By Salahudeen Ustaz Yunus

Alhamdulillah our Marriage is 20 years and waxing stronger freshly !


I encourage our Youths to adapt Match-Making with utmost sincerity for sure Allah blessings will be upon the Nikkah because of the intention from the Foundation.


May Allah reward my beloved materal mother of blessed memories Hajiya Aisha Ajike Sani for choosing a wife for me to start the journey of Marriage in Islam and for my beloved mother who always encouraged able Men to marry minimum of two wife’s if Allah make it easy for them. May Allah reward my beloved late father for setting the pace of Polygyny for us to leverage upon as Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) .


To my First Lady,Hajiya Baby Salmah De Loloh who encourage and support every step taken towards Masnah Wa Sulasa Wa Rubaah Jazaki Allahu Khayran. May Allah make the efforts count on our Mizaan of goodness on the day of accountability.


Ustaz Yunus & Late Grandma Hajiya Ajike Sani


Salahudeen Ustaz Yunus

1st June, 2022





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