My biggest regret in recent times By Kola Olapite.

I find it unavoidable to break a cherished golden silence consequent on my absolute inability to further stomach the impudence going on in Buhari-led administration .
With a contrite spirit, I am openly unfolding my heart-felt regret regarding the roles I played in embracing Buhari’s APC change mantra which preceded the national elections of 2015 in Nigeria. I was even alleged to have taken money from APC’s godfather, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu whom I saw last about ten years ago at a public function. Can you imagine!

Consequently, I will enjoin the readers to peruse this message with a clear objectivity rather than using needless emotion which might erupt from a ridiculously biased mind. Unequivocally, GEJ’s removal from office through the power of the electorates was obviously not part of my regrets

My swift acceptance of Buhari’s APC change mantra with high expectations was the main cause of my regret. The first devastating blow giving to Nigerians was embedded in Buhari’s high degree of insensitivity that led his presidency to increase the administrative price of petrol from N87 to N145 in the early stage of his governance.

I was actually opined that APC government would start its tenure introducing palliative measures to alleviate the long-sufferings of the helpless man walking down the streets of Kano, Lagos, Anambra, Delta….and the entire masses that voted for the change that turned out to be a mere chimera.

As at now, Buhari’s APC is yet to fulfill its sacred electoral promises in favour of the voters of change that turns to a mirage and the political jobbers and charlatans are busy intensifying the efforts on Sai baba’s re-election in 2019. What manner of callousness is this!

Mr president, are these part of the change Nigerians voted for?

* Spate of killings by Fulani herdsmen
* Incessant hunger and poverty in the land
* Terribly selective anti- corruption war
* Untimely death of Nigerian people due to bad governance and human errors
* Inability of the several states to pay salaries
* Hike in fuel pump price
* Nigerians celebrating their 2017 xmas at petrol stations
Reckless borrowings of 5.5b dollars to:
1. 2.5b dollars to finance 2017 budget
2. 3.0b dollars to service debt.

Point of note before I continue with the highlights:

Without any reservation, the economic policies of Buhari’s government defy simple economic sense as I see no reason to waste time analysing the economic indicators now.
Just look at this from simple common sense: a country that is struggling for economic diversification has got opportunity to borrow 5.5b dollars from the International Capital Market with interest and it intends to spend 3.0b dollars to service debt and 2.5b to fund 2017 budget in 2018.

‘Chai dia ris god o’! Who can deliver Nigerians from a more clueless government of sort?

Do they know what they are doing at all? The EFCC claimed to have recovered several billions of dollars from the heartless looters and yet colossal borrowing still remains order of the day.

More highlights to be stated below:

*Unprecedented rate of unemployment, high increase in the prices of goods and services
*Depreciation of naira from the pegged N197/1$ to N485 before coming down to N360/$.
*Reckless expenditure of the presidency 42.8b, budget allocation

I can go on and on but I will stop here.

Lastly, before taking my hands off the keyboard, how would you feel about what I will type next?

The Sai baba’s government was reported to have given £3m pounds as a ransom to the devilish Boko Haram to release the Chibok girls and yet Buhari presidency still had the temerity to request for the approval of the National Assembly to spend 1b dollars from excess crude oil account to fight the same Boko Haram. Hmm!!! (Ceaselessly shaking my head)

In all these things, look at where my solace is coming from, I actually knew from time immemorial that Nigerians’ decision to vote for Buhari’s APC was seen to be the best of the worst decisions ever.

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