Parents of first year Computer Science Student Joshua Daniel,murdered at Veritas University demand Justice, allege foul play …. Accuse school of 100% failure on their care of duty

The parents of late Ejuojo Joshua Daniel, the 17-year old undergraduate of Computer Science that was murdered at Veritas University Bwari have vowed to unravel the cause of death of their son, calling on government to ensure that justice is served.


Joshua’s parents who made the call at a press briefing on Saturday in Abuja alleged foul play on the part of Veritas University, adding that autopsy result is at complete variance with the school’s claims.

According to the Joshua’s father, Hon Daniel Ejigbo, “Veritas University failed hundred percent on their care of duty to my child because I gave them a child that is alive and I was called to pick up my son from a mogue that was miles away from the University. And Veritas University is doing everything possible to kill this case the way they have killed series of cases in that school from the speculations and news I am beginning to hear around the country.”


“I took my son there because they said it is a Catholic University but lo and behold, I think it is just deceit, what I have found about Veritas University from the death of my son is completely opposite of what they are claiming.”


Narrating the carelessness and non-professionalism exhibited by the Chief Medical Director (CMD) in breaking the news to him, Hon. Ejigbo said his son Joshua was murdered at Veritas University Bwari on the 30th of April, 2024. At about 11pm on that fateful day, he saw a persistent call on his phone from unknown number and out of courtesy he decided to call the number back. He (CMD) picked and asked; are you Daniel Ejigbo and I said yes, good evening sir. He then said I am the CMD of Veritas University and I am like okay. He said your son was at the gym this evening and slumped and then they rushed him to the clinic and he died.


Hon Ejigbo said he thanked God that shock did not do anything to him because he did not know his intention for making that kind of call to him at that time of the day. Added that he thought in medicine, they (Doctors) have been thought to break news to people in a professional and more responsible way.


Hon Ejigbo said on their way to Bwari after he had reached out to his few friend who drove with him to Bwari, he received a text message from the same CMD saying that “body deposited at the Fatimah Hospital” as if it was a chicken not a human being.


However, according to the school law, no child leave the school without confirmation from the parents – either father or mother as has been their practice since the boy gained admission to that school in September last year, he added.


On her part, the mother of late Joshua, Mrs Ifeoma Ejigbo who could not hide her grief said she has not spoken before now because this has been very hard and that she has been in shock but the turn of events now has deemed it necessary for her to speak because her child was killed. He did not have any accident like the school is claiming he did.


In her words: “Yes there are a lot of speculations about how he died because they did not go about it properly but the thing is, my child is dead and Veritas University needs to tell me what happened to my child. That we want to find out what happened is not seeking for attention. We gave you a child like my husband said and we were called to come pick up the body. We deserve to know what happened. The school has come against us with might, influence and money but I come against you in the name of Jehovah. He will plead my course. I named my child Ejuojo for a reason, he is the apple of God’s eyes. You have literarily plucked His apple, His eyes and God will arise, stand and fight for me. The arms of flesh will fail but God never fails. He is my sure confidence, I will get justice for my child no matter the conspiracy, no matter the men behind the scene trying to sabotage this course. We have received veiled threat from the VC this morning to my husband and we see it for what it is – as a threat even though veiled. If you had done the needful , if you had handled it the way it ought to have been handled, we will not be here today. All we are asking is to know what happened, the autopsy is at complete variance with their claims. So we are asking, we want to know what happened to my child”.

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