Senate Presidency: Group Drums Support for Senate President, Ahmed Lawan’s Continuity




For competence, efficiency, achievements, capacity and stability in the National Assembly, Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan should continue as the next Senate President in the 10th Senate.

Aside reverting and sustaining budget circle from January to December, strict budget implementation, budget debate and passage in the last four years deserve his wealth of experience to continue in the next Senate.

Assembly watch charged with monitoring the activities of federal lawmakers led by Abraham Owoicho lauded the cordial relationship between the executive and the legislature in the 9th Senate, away from the experience of the 8th Senate, as the current order had stabilized budgeting in Nigeria and issues of National interest had attracted his continuity .

He asked the APC leadership, Senators and the President -elect to maintain the idea and stance of competence, hardwork and effectiveness he prefers over any other considerations, as the Senate President posssess all the qualities the incoming leadership desires.

His control and management of the National Assembly as Chairman and the activities of the 9th Senate handled with all maturity it deserves, had placed Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan for continuity.

He warned on the consequences of zoning the Senate President to any part of the country, particularly the Northern states and picking any other person to occupy the plum job, saying any other person will rubbish the success and laudable achievements credited to Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan.

“It is on record that the 9th Assembly under the leadership of Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan and Rt Honorable Femi Gbajabiamiala passed many bills, adopted several motions that had resorted to successes both in the public and private sector of the Nigerian. economy.”

“The implications of reselecting another set of Senate President will be collosal, as Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan was already tested and trusted not only in the last four years, but since 1999.”

“The unique performance by the 9th Senate President under Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan had eroded the National Assembly since 1999, as budget discipline, monitoring and project execution had returned sanity to the public system, hence removing budget padding and duplications.”

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