The New Kogi State Polytechnic

What is the global standard for measuring the quality of the output of higher institutions of learning beyond effective and efficient management, development of feasible curricula, conducive environment and availability of state of the art learning facilities? On resumption as the acting Rector of the Kogi State Polytechnic, Dr. Salisu Usman Ogbo set the ball of transformation rolling by identifying and providing the needed facilities that could enhance the quality of the institutions outputs.

Communication is the most important factor in improving efficiency and higher productivity in any reputable higher institution of learning. Without communication student-lecturer relationship will be hampered and learning and mentoring will be difficult to achieve. Easy accessibility to the e- platforms facilities will equip the students effectively to communicate and share information bordering on their studies with lecturers and peers. Towards this end, Dr. Usman Salisu Ogbo organized series of training workshops for all cadres of staff – both academic and no academic to get them equipped with the knowledge of modern information and communication technology. This is geared towards providing qualitative and up-to-date human resource for seamless communication and feedback.

Lecturers of the Polytechnic are now better equipped than ever with modern teaching skills with the use of modern day technology of international standard.

In the same vein, the Polytechnic’s management system is now fully automated. The Automation will enable the Polytechnic to optimize resource allocation, to reduce cost and to save time. Aside from the staff management system, the automotive system will manage students admissions, registrations, examinations, payment of school fees, communication and results. And even, through it the parents will have access to their wards’ performances.

This unprecedented innovation has been made possible by Dr. Ogbo in just three months at the helm of affairs.

As stated earlier, one of the major factors that determines the quality of education is a conducive learning environment. An environment marred by chaos, restiveness and all manners of moral vices, makes learning to become almost impossible. With this in mind, on assumption of office, the veteran scholar and administrator tackled the problems posed by the institutions dilapidated lecture theaters and security office head-on by overhauling, renovating and even building new ones in some cases. The serenity created by the new structures will no doubt inspire the students to study, and the security personnel to secure the school even more.

The school gate was not left out. It has been given architectural touches that befit the outlook of a higher institution. Our own Kogi State Polytechnic is now being admired by students, visitors and passers-by.

In addition to the new structure which gives the security office a facelift, the unit is being reorganized for efficient services. Consequently, the personnel are now better empowered and positioned to deal with the menace of cultism that had hitherto ravaged the school. The intemperance of cultists and their brazenness in the act of evil and other escapades have been consigned to the dustbin of history by the new Sherriff in the institution.

Dangerous ceremonies like celebrating graduating students with illegal gunshots have been barred by Dr Ogbo. While proscribing the nefarious act, he said: The last gunshot will be the final in the history of the Polytechnic. I will be ruthless and will not condone any form of cult activities in Kogi Poly.”

In conclusion, one eye catching highlight of the Ogbo led management is the state-of-the-art 30 bed space Polytechnic Health Centre named after the late mother of the Kogi State Governor, Hajia Hauwau Oziohu Bello. It has 3 full time medical doctors, supporting National Youth Service Corps members serving as medics and nurses. The clinic will not only serve the polytechnic students and staff, but also the host community; it will go a long way in generating funds to the polytechnic’s coffers.

With the level at which Ogbo is transforming the polytechnic, in no distant future, the institution would be ranked amongst the best in Nigeria.


Williams Charles is the H.O.D
Industrial Design,Kogi State Polytechnic,

[email protected]

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