The Global President, Independent Pan African Youth Parliament ( IPAYP Ambassador Obinna Sixtus Nwoke. has called on UN, AU, ECOWAS and other African regional blocks to urgently act and free young Africans held in ‘Slave Markets’ in Libya.

slave trade zone in Libya
Ambassador Nwoke. condemned the recently footage of live auction in Libya where black youths were presented to North African buyers as potential farming tools and sold off for as little as $400, $500, $600 respectively. is disturbing and worrisome.
Speaking in a Press conference at Rock View Hotel Owerri, Ambassador Obinna Sixtus challenged the Leadership of African Union to rise above mere rhetorics. “It’s time this African body exert its Constitutional powers to deal with an ugly trend. It is looking like The fingers of monkey in the pot of soup had turned to human hand “.
Amb Obinna Sixtus Nwoke at the Press conference in Owerri

” Libyan government must stop this embarrassing scenery. It has portrayed weakness that they can’t manage and restore Libya back to the days of Momar Gaddafi.” IPAYP President said

The African Youth President insisted that the unfortunate incident was a simple sign of leadership failure in African countries. He advised young Africans to erase from their minds the quest for greener pastures.” Illegal migration is a result of economic situations in our countries is totally unacceptable ” He added

He called on Nigerian government to deploy urgent approach to rescue Nigerians among the Libyan captives .

While urging young people of Africa to stay in their countries to build it. He suggested for a call to action from AU, African Youth coalition, as the only way to stop this malady.

He enjoined Presidents of African countries to take the issue of youth development as top priority with serious commitment . He pledged to mobilize youth against bad national policies across Africa, using the numerical strength of young people if the trend persist

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