Prince Mustapha Mona Audu is the son of the Late Executive Governor of Kogi State, Prince Abubakar Audu & Late First Lady of Kogi State, Habibat Audu.

He is an Igala by tribe and originates from Ogbonicha Ward of Ofu LGA of Kogi State.

He was the organizer of 2011 (ACN) and 2015 (APC) Grassroots and Door-to-Door Campaign for the Prince Abubakar Audu Campaign.

A shrewd investor and a successful entrepreneur with business expertise in con￾struction and infrastructural development, hospitality, information technology, mining, and agriculture.

Prince Mustapha Mona Audu is a very passionate Philanthropist working tirelessly to improve the economic and living conditions of people and communities across Kogi State and Nigeria.

He is married to his lovely wife Princess Zahrah Mustapha Audu, and blessed with three wonderful children.


2017- Curent

Constructors Guild LLC (USA) -Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

August 2016 – Curent

The Royal Enclave Estate – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

April 2014 – Curent

Magnolia Gold B&B Limited – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

February 2012 – Current

Oakleaf by Constructors Guild – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

September 2009 – Current

Constructors Guild Ltd. – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

April 2008 – September 2009

JavaBean Ltd. – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

March 2007 –– April 2008

Mediterranean Recreation Center & Hotels – Director

July 2006 – February 2007

Alteq Inc. – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


University of Glasgow – Bachelor of Science, Computing Science (2.1 Honors)

2000 — 2005 (Glaasgow, Scotland)

Langside College – A-Levels, GCSEs

1999 – 2000 (Glasgow, Scotland)

Igbinedeon Education Center – A-Levels, GCSEs

1993 – 1998 (Benin City, Nigeria)


His philosophy being PEOPLE FIRST, Prince Mustapha Mona Audu believes in human capital development, training people in new skills and assisting them in building sustainable businesses and livelihoods. He has been involved in humanitarian services across Kogi state extensively.

2019 – Healthcare Drive – Payment of hospital bills, funeral bills and general gifts to hundreds of less privileged people

– Education Drive – Payment of school fees for hundreds of people across Kogi State

– Clothing Drive – Distribution of clothes to children and families generally across Kogi State

– Feeding Drive – Food for all program, sharing of food stuffs across Kogi State

2018 – Healthcare Drive – Payment of hospital bills, funeral bills and general gifts to hun￾dreds of less privileged

– Education Drive – Payment of school fees for hundreds of people in Ogbonicha, Kogi State

– Clothing Drive – Distribution of clothes to children and families in Ogbonitcha, Ejule, Iboko, Alloma, Ofabo

2017 – Healthcare Drive – Payment of hospital bills, funeral bills and general gifts to hundreds of less privileged people.

– Education Drive – Payment of school fees for hundreds of people in Ogbonicha, Kogi State

– Feeding Drive – Food for all program, sharing of food stuffs around Ogbonicha, Ejule, Iboko, Alloma 2016 – Ofu LGA Charity Football Tournament – Provided jerseys, full football kits for local football teams and organized a tournament for local teams from Ogugu, Ogbonicha, Alloma, Iboko (All teams were rewarded with cash and gifts)

– Ofu LGA Women & Children Eid Celebration – Family fun time for women and chil￾dren during the EID celebration. Gifts and cash presents provided for the attendees

– Iboko (Ofu LGA) Outreach Program – Empowerment training in painting, weed whacker usage, interlocking and paving stones works,

OTHER ENGAGEMENTS – Initiator and Chief Ambassador of the Invest in Kogi Scheme currently ongoing

– Organizer of Peace Summit for all Aspirants and Political Office Holders Lokoja

– Co-Organizer of Peace Summit for all Presidential Aspirants in Abuja

AWARDS – Award of Excellence and a great Philiantropist to Humanity by Igala Visionary Club – 2019

– Award of Excellence as Prince of Hope by National Youth for Examplary Leader￾ship (NYEL) – 2019

– Award for Leadership Excellence By One Voice Crusaders – 2019.


My ultimate focus is to harness the energies and potentials of Kogi people for the re- engineering of our collective psyche and a reinvigoration of the desire to build a solid economically sustainable and prosperous land, where there is guaranteed right to life, freedom and justice. This shall form the root principles to which my Government shall be dedicated to, in order to better lives, while protecting each and every citizen of Kogi state.


Our beloved state is in crisis; a crisis brought about and sustained by the mismanagement, incompetence and lack of vision of those who have been entrusted with the affairs of government in Kogi state.

The economic conditions are worsening by the day and there is so much suffering in the land.

The protection of the lives and properties of our people must be a priority at this time, when extreme protection should be ensured.


I pledge to dedicate my life to the service of our people and to the REBIRTH of Kogi state.

As Governor of Kogi state, with the help of the Almighty God, I will be committed to a different kind of government, one that governs in the interest of the masses, not for private gains.

It is very important to note that sustainable progress cannot be made without a happy and unified people.

Therefore, I am asking for your votes so that we can create an inclusive, united Kogi. It is this new and invigorated unity that will bring the REBIRTH of Kogi State.

I promise to build our state into a thriving one that would boast of an improved livelihood, prompt delivery of dividends of democracy and a positive shift in our way of life.

It is significant that a larger number of those who make up our population in Kogi state are YOUTHS. A great number of these young men and women are desperate to get better healthcare, education and jobs.

We know, for certain, that the Kogi people are blessed with abundant human and natural resources, desperately waiting to be deployed and harnessed for the mutual good of the state and the country.

It is clear that we have the youthful demand and the bountiful resources to be used to dramatically improve education, healthcare and jobs. But we cannot benefit from these natural resources until Kogi State has a leadership that is truly COMMITTED.

Mine is a leadership that is prepared to work together with the people in order to unleash the energy of development and progress that we crave so much.

I promise to give the best that the state has to offer to the people, where it belongs, to ensure broad, impactful development and prosperity.

In recent times, one thing has remained constant, the cries and agony of our people from all works of life. If we do not take concrete, sure steps to usher in a MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT, we will remain a state made poor by inappropriate judgement and a lack of drive for an improved standard of living in our dear state.

In the past 4 years, I have seen the pain, the anguish and the sacrifices made by the ordinary Kogi citizens, yet life is so tough and rough for them. I see a battered and broken people!

It is for these people that I am running for Governor – for ordinary Kogi masses who have been pushed to the wall by a system that does not care. It is to them that my Government will be dedicated.

My vision is that of a robust, economically stable and a prosperous Kogi State in which mutual trust and economic opportunities exist for all.

My government will place people at its centre. Their hopes and their concerns will drive its policies and priorities.

I promise to build a Kogi that actually works efficiently and effectively; that gives each and every one of us the opportunity to improve our lives and prosper in a peaceful atmosphere. A state that works for us and our families, not just for the rich and powerful.

I will be a Governor for all Kogi citizens. No matter your gender, your status, or your religion, I will serve you all.

I will champion your cause with the help of the Almighty God, and every day I wake up as Governor, my first and only consideration will be what is best for the state we all love and what will improve the lives of all our people.

Join me, and together, we shall build a state where, hard work is rewarded.

A state where every young person can hope, aspire, work and reach his or her fullest possible potential.



– Economy

– Health

– Education

– Youth and Sports

– Agriculture and Rural Development

– Science, Technology and Innovation

– Environment

– Natural Resources – Land, Forestry

– Mining

– Energy and Power

– Trade and Industry

– Social Development

– Infrastructure

– Local Government

– Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts

– Good Governance


– Public Accountability

– Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs

– Civil Society

– Solid Waste Management System

– Affirmative Action for Women

– People With Disabilities

Kogi Rebirth

Kogi Must be Great Again

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