Abiodun Akinlade: The Unrelenting Trailblazing Performer of Ogun West Extraction By Daniel topology

In one of his words that has continued to ring the bell of hope to many people is his own term of ‘Representation’. He said and I quote “Representation is not about speaking grammars, passing bills and moving motions but giving hope and putting smiles on the faces of our people” ABIODUN ISIAQ AKINLADE (2015).

*”Our world urgently needs leaders that can see the developed versions of our nations in their minds, define the values that make development possible, elect people that model those values and are competent, and hold them accountable. Get the drift? Those leaders are the citizens”*
Dr.Sam Adeyemi

Unarguably, research has it that the Ogun West Political bigwig and former Federal lawmaker, Hon. ABIODUN ISIAQ AKINLADE is an experienced politician and philanthropist from an humble background in Owode, Yewa South of the region. His networking ability within political folds are strong and this has earn him more acceptability across many political classes.

No wonder, he is fondly referred to as `The man, The Bridge , The Game Changer and The Hope` of Ogun West people for his unrelenting efforts in the emancipation and transformation of lives for the better.

Without mincing words, In the whole of Ogun West senatorial district, no politician, either current or past dispensation, known or unknown, has peoples’ centered achievements like that of Asiwaju of Owode and the Baba Adinni of Yewaland. He’s an ray of hope and man with passion for the service of humanity whose watchword is selfless representation.

Meanwhile, as a religious leader, Hon. Akinlade’s political school of thought is “People First”. Having had the yearnings and agitation of his people, he has continued to touch many lives positively and that has instill his love into the deeper most part of every citizens of Ogun West heart.

His socioeconomic prowess and developmental drives in Ogun West senatorial district are second to none, his focal insight is futuristic and appreciable in the development of his immediate society.

Baba Adinni is a well known political emancipator to all and sundry as he’s been loved and cheered by his loved ones across Ogun state, Nigeria and diaspora.

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