Gov Sani Bello poises to combat Malaria,calls for use of treated Mosquito Nets, Test Kits

As Nigeria continue to combat malaria,Niger state Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello has called for the proper use of treated mosquito nets and malaria test kits to reduce the effect of the disease to the barest minimum.


Governor Sani Bello made this known when he received a delegation from the Federal Ministry of Health and Malaria Control Partners who were on an advocacy visit on insecticide-treated net campaign 2022 in the state.


He emphasized the need for the use of treated mosquito nets among households and schools as malaria which he was avoidable account for many deaths.

The Governor added that rapid diagnostic tests for malaria will ensure the right treatment instead of relying on symptoms.


He assured the delegation that the state government will support the campaign to achieve the desired result.


“We will do whatever we can to support the programme to the best of our ability because we recognise that health is very important and this is the least we can do to our people and so it is very key and malaria is very common around here”, he said.


He said, the state will provide the counterpart funds to the Global Funds as it has always done with other development partners, and directed the Ministry of Health to ensure that Malaria drugs are purchased and distributed to the people for free.


The Governor commended the efforts of the Federal Ministry of Health and Malaria Control Partners for the provision of 3.7 million mosquito nets for the state pointing out that it would go a long way to help the people.


Mr Okefu Okoko, Head, Integrated Vector Management Branch, National Malaria Elimination Programme, Federal Ministry of Health, said the country was responsible for a one-third quarter of malaria and deaths in the world with 23 per cent.


Mr Okoko who represented the Minister of Health said that they were in the state to create awareness on the use of treated mosquito nets and the use of malaria drugs to reduce to less then 10 percent, morbidity and mortality caused by malaria before 2025.


“All efforts are being put in place towards bringing down the prevalence. We want more of our children to survive their childhood, we also want more of our pregnant women to be able to survive their pregnancy”, he stated


He decried the high rate of malaria prevalence and low usage of treated mosquito nets in the state which stands at 32 and 16 percent respectively.


According to him, the state is expected to pay N600m annual counterpart fund for three years in other to benefit N11.9b at the end of 2023 to fight against Malaria.


Mr Okoko therefore commended the state government for providing the warehouse for the storage of the nets and other goods as well as security to assist them carry out their function.



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