Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen of great intellectuals.


You are highly welcome to the Maiden General Meeting of the teeming Nigerian Association of Indigenous Creative Writers, NAICREW. I am so elevated and very pleased to be here

today. I see it as an utmost opportunity to speak directly, though virtually, with the guru who have engaged their creativity to preserving and protecting their language and culture even through their indigenous literature. May God continue to bless your hand work.


As we could be aware, creative writing in indigenous languages in Nigeria had been enjoying the status of veritable means of the preservation of oral tradition, values and the language itself, until 1960s when African English literature became a trend, and the African language literature, even their writers started experiencing setback for various factors. I believe my own challenges would not be explicitly different from yours and others in indigenous creative writing like Nigeria language literature.


Imagine a series of rewards and awards are instituted for African English writers from various spheres of field and the sources at which their contents were created is neglected. It’s so bad. Some years back I purposely attended the annual meeting of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) though am also a member of PEN Nigeria, and I insisted to know the place of indigenous language writers in the Association. But it was unfortunate to discover there is really nothing or little recognition given the indigenous language writers in the association. Even from the countenance, it’s rather referred to local creativity, and as a result it may not really hold water in the association. Though I let them understand that, then the Association shouldn’t named named Association of Nigerian Authors because it’s expected to cover all the authors in Nigeria irrespect of any language.


The concern above actually and eventually gave birth to this new association, Nigerian Association of Indigenous Creative Writers, NAICREW which comprises of all indigenous language writers in Nigeria with the vision, giving the indigenous creative writers a new face in Nigeria. Imagine an indigenous creative writer is gratified a life changing worthy reward for his or her work. And that is our core objective in this association. We hold the source of the African Literature, as the language, it’s high time we enjoyed our labour.

But before, I go further to define our objectives, I will recognize you the princes and princess that attend this meeting this evening. I therefore recognize the founders of this association, who deemed it fit to select me as the National President of the Association. My able Vice-Chairman Alhaji Ado Ahmed Gidan Dabino (MON) who is an expert and academic in Hausa Language and Literature as well as a professional in film production. You are highly recognized Sir and thank you for your effort to put the feet of the association on the pillar, as well as the active scribe, the National Secretary, Honorary Professor Adamu Idris Manarakis (niw), an expert in Nupe Language and Literature who has authored over thirty books in Nupe, also a professional broadcaster even in Nupe language, I appreciate his un-relented and active effort ensuring the association is a success, I will even say he is the pillar of founding the association from beginning. As well as my humble self, Olanrewaju Lagada-Abayomi, an expert in Yoruba Language and literature, who has covered all the genres of Yoruba Literature, a teacher and a translator. Presently am the Head of Yoruba Service Voice of Nigeria and some few who thought of founding this association.


I will likewise recognize some of my senior colleagues and bosses in the field who has painstakingly worked for the sustenance of indigenous language writing. We appreciate your attendance in this meeting, the person of Professor Olufadekemi Adagbada an associate Professor of Yoruba Literature from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye; Chief Gbemisola Ayano, a prolific writer and publisher of Yoruba literature, my able Vice President, Alhaji Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino, Mr. Wajeed Obomeghie, Mrs Ihemamma Osonwa Uwazuruonye and others. I will even advise to select some of our senior and experienced colleagues to act as ex-officio and special advisers in the exco.

I thank you all members for keep burning the flare of our indigenous creative writing.


To move further, let’s review the objectives of the Nigerian Association of Indigenous Creative Writers (NAICREW), it’s our association:



NAICREW believes in entrenchment of the indigenous values through their languages and literature. Therefore, promotion of creative writing in Nigerian indigenous languages is the core cardinal of the Association.

Training the authors for creativity improvement to enable them meet the contemporary reality in the world of literature and creative writing, and favourably compete with their colleagues in English and other foreign languages creative writing Encouraging the indigenous creative writers by instituting thousands of dollars awards and rewards, as well as exposing them to external exposures through trainings, exhibitions and excursions abroad Nurturing and encouraging the young indigenous writers to enhance their ingenuity through personal guide and trainings Exposing the writers to economic values of their works, and empower them better in gratifying their literary pieces Assisting the writers for publication and marketing of the books Exposing the writers to online marketing of indigenous language books, and the judicious usage of the new media for the benefits of the members

Regular promotion of Nigeria indigenous languages through media, seminars, conferences, enlightenment tours, sensitization talks/walks to sensitize parents, youths, children, governments, other stakeholders on the salient essence of using our indigenous languages on regular basis, be at home, official places and in the society generally as well as online

Organizing Annual Nigerian Language Book fair Collaborating with governments at all level in favour and promotion of the indigenous creative writings and their authors NAICREW is open to all upcoming indigenous creative writers in Nigeria for mentorship.




For the success of the objectives I hope from the above objectives we can fine tune the prospective activities of the association such as promoting the languages and rewarding authors in several ways. The trainings and rewards would be initiated around the genres of literature and writings such as Poetry, Prose, Drama, Text Book, Essay, Translation, etc. We are therefore, about approaching some of the following companies for sponsorship of trainings and awards upon the approval the members.


Guinness Nigeria

Nigerian Breweries

Consolidated Breweries

Intafact Beverages

7-Up Bottling Co.

Coca-Cola Nigeria

Nigerian Distilleries Ltd

Euro Global Foods And Distilleries Ltd

Great Distillers & Vinters Ltd

Fiso Gookex Industry Ltd

Longman Publishing company

Macmillan Publishing Company

Rasmed Publishing company, etc

Individuals such as musicians, related celebrities and others.


We also hope to convince the sponsors by coining a particular award across its name. For example Coca Cola 2023 Hausa Poetry Awards, KWAM 1 2023 Yoruba Prose Awards, etc.


The Association is expected to collaborate with National Institute of Cultural Orientation (NICO), which is the major national institute for promotion of Nigerian languages.




As a result of professionalizing the organization, the founding members proposed the followings as criteria to become a member of NAICREW:

A prospective member must have written a publishable Nigerian indigenous language book: poetry, prose, drama, essays, textbook or other books

A prospective member must have published at least one indigenous language book

A prospective member must have an indigenous language book approved by a Nigerian Government/Ministry of Education

A prospective member should be able to meet any of the above criteria (with a proof)



Upon the selection of the above executive members of the association by the founders, it’s therefore seen necessary to fill some other positions with members, which was carried out following the federal character. This means virtually all the Nigerian languages are represented in the executive. As a result the followings are the selected executive members to presently paddle the affairs of the association, the Nigerian Association of Indigenous Creative Writers, NAICREW:


Executive members of NAICREW


National President – Olanrewaju Lagada-Abayomi

National Vice President – Ado Ahmed Gidan Dabino (MON) –

National Secretary – Prof. (Hon) Adamu Idris Manarakis niw

National Treasurer – Ihemamma Osonwa Uwanzurunoye

National Auditor – Wajeed Obomeghie

National Financial Secretary- Fatima Bello Bala

National Assistant Secretary- Bukola Adeleke

National PRO (North) – Hassan Usman

National PRO (South) – Izunna Okafor

National Legal Adviser – Lawanson Olumuyiwa

Assistant PRO (South West)- Shittu Babatunde



Olanrewaju Lagada-Abayomi,

National President,

1st September, 2022

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