Youth Development: IPAYP Praises South African Deputy Minister Buti Kgwaridi Manamela.

The Global President Independent Pan African Youth Parliament, IPAYP, Obinna Sixtus Nwoke, has described South Africa Deputy Minister, Mr Buti Kgwaridi Manamela as one of Africa’s rising young personality.

Mr Buti Kgwaridi Manamela.

Manamela, former minister in the South African Presidency was responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation of Youth Development in the south Africa.

As the then Deputy Minister, he successfully saw through the signing of South Africa ‘s National Youth Policy 2015-2020. He led a series of Youth Dialogues in South Africa where he conversed with Young People from all walks of life about issues pertinent to them.
He equally chaired the Presidential working group on Youth where he led a team of 17 Deputy Minister’s on The Task Team for The Presidential working group on Youth.

This Task Team had five work streams forming the main pillars of National Youth Plan 2020 which are Education and skills development, economic participation and inclusion, health and substance abuse and optimization of Youth machinery.
In consideration of all his numerous achievements, that earned him an honor in the Continental space “Excellency Award For Development In Africa” From Independent Pan African Youth Parliament .

This event was held in University Of Johannesburg, School Of Tourism and Hospitality STH Auditorium. Today it has started paying off. He is now the new Deputy Minister of Higher Education RSA.

Manamela is in charge of education and training at universities and training colleges. he has demonstrated Excellence irrespective of age. IPAYP described the Deputy Minister feats in the public service as a worthy precedent for fellow young people to see and build their capacity.

“As Progressives, we salute his strength in governance, leadership and accountability while thanking the government of South Africa for keeping faith in Youth of South Africa.
Minister Buti Kgwaridi Manamela should reciprocate by sustainably partnering with IPAYP especially now when IPAYP/UNESCOCFORGE have introduced the education solution programs which incidentally was launched in South Africa. This is time support the educational programs of African Youth through IPAYP education programs.” IPAYP stated.


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