2022 COMMITTEE: Consensus Of The Bourgeoisie To Subjugate Nigerian In The Year 2023

The beneficiaries of Nigeria are in their usual way coming together to achieve their objectives of subjugating the Nigeria populace and the economy, this 2022 committee member comprises of the business leaders comprises of the leading businessmen in Nigeria, former governors, former senate presidents, and present governors among other bourgeoisie in Nigeria.

When it is their common interest there will be no whipping of sentiments, they ignore that some are Muslims and others are Christian, their geopolitical zones and region does not count, it s that sole objective of fixing their interest and determining what happened at the centre that will benefit their businesses, ambitions, and cronies

These elite are only 11% per cent of the Nigerian citizen, but through their conspiracy, they control what happens to the 89% Nigerians, 75% of the Nigerian budget is used to service these elite and 25% for the remaining Nigeria populace.

The journey to the 2023 presidency has brought them together, the spate of killings across Nigeria is not a source of concern, the dwindling economy is not their business since they benefit from it through their companies and their allies in government.

These 100 leading business and political leaders which have fourteen current Governors, thirteen former Governors, three senate presidents among others are all open to taking the presidential seat if it is offered to them on the plater of gold.

Common Nigerians find it difficult to reach a consensus as these business and political leaders will continue to use ethnicity, religion, and geopolitical zone to disunite any attempt of the poor to come together and bring about the desired change.

What could be seen close to poor consensus is the voting of President Muhammad Buhari whose presidency has not reduced poverty, reduced inequality or created employment for the masses.

The Nigeria bourgeoisie has subjected the country to the rule of the towns and created enormous businesses from the Nigeria common patrimony. It became their birthright to rule and decide what happen to Nigerians, as the poor masses find it difficult to join the ruling class and business mogul.

When there is a consensus like this in a just clime, masses is expected to be jubilating for a turnaround time, but if you trace these 100 men antecedent, you will discover they enjoyed free education, better health care service, conducive business environment or their father have enjoyed the country and bequeath enormous wealth to them, but today it is the opposite, poverty is killing Nigerians every day and no one to rescue Nigerians

The 100, 2023 committee only wants to determine the next president of Nigeria and exercise adequate influence on the person, more so they want to give a direction to Nigerians on who the next person is and possibly enjoyed Nigerians to focus on the personality and vote for their candidate.



Aliyu ilias,a Political Economist writes in from Abuja

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