AIYEDATIWA: The Patient Lieutenant Whose Baton Was Made In The Furnace Of Destiny By Sunday Olugbenga Abire

Life is a journey that comes with some especial and sometimes rigid procedures. Every process is carefully designed to achieve a unified whole. A deep ponder at the making of a child will elicit the inevitable importance of processes. It is the way life has been designed. It is always one step at a time.

I write in total sobriety today for just few reasons. It is to document in letters the pains of the past arising from the misconstrued or hitherto falsified history while making a clear distinction between the ideal and the rumpus of desperation. It is to further cast in indelible letters the vilification of the just who had been predetermined by laws and common-sense as the ‘Heir Apparent’ paradventure a cul-de-sac like this occurs. This attempt at weaving letters is mainly to take the narrative away from historical revisionists who may be willing to forcefully alter everything in order to mislead the impressionable minds with continuous negativities. I know that by every stretch of lies told repeatedly, the Goebbelsian school of thought opined long ago that such lies become truth. This is the danger of having lies go unchallenged.

History is made in Nigeria today as H.E Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa, the Acting Governor of Ondo state, becomes the first Deputy Governor to enjoy presidential summon twice before being an Acting Governor even when his boss was glaringly absent for months. To add to his medals, he was vilified, lied against, undermined and insulted. Aiyedatiwa was in-between the cabals who saw him as too desperate and the citizens of Ondo state who thought he was too timid to take action. In the middle of it all, he held unto his destiny. I dare say nothing could be worse than these bundles of confusions. Or you wish to understand how a man who’s considered too desperate is at the same time being lashed for being too soft and without balls? For these two imaginary sins, he suffered a failed impeachment from the cabals and enjoyed the pains of being tongue lashed by the citizens. What a man!

The tortuous journey to sanity in this state didn’t come cheaply. Just as the statue of liberty was erected by the sweat and blood of patriots, Ondo state’s pride of place among comity of states was restored by men and women who looked beyond the lies of desperation and timidity. That singular act soared our flag that was hitherto flown at half-mast for months. Like a flash, diatribes faded. Chicanery died naturally. Name calling fizzled out. Governance has returned in full gear and the state will have a reason to come alive again.

Now that it’s a new dawn which heralds Aiyedatiwa’s leadership that’s hinged on holding the fort in trust for our beloved Aketi who is unavoidably absent for the sole reason of attending to his health, the entire people of Ondo state expect the best of service from the Acting Governor as a worthy lieutenant, graciously anointed to run on a joint trip with his boss. Aware of this huge trust in his ability, the Acting Governor, without a shadow of doubt, will hit the ground running while ensuring that Ondo state works for Ondo people.

It is evident already as the Heir has taken charge with the presentation of 2024 budget and the fall of the wall of Jericho. Ondo state will be a cynosure of beauty as Aiyedatiwa acts in the capacity of his boss.

May Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa succeed. May Ondo State continue to move forward.

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