Buhari’s trip to UK: Seeing beyond the ranting of an agnostic junkie By Ali Abare

I watched the trending video several times and yet I couldn’t see reasons for this unwarranted assault on President Muhammadu Buhari.
That Saratu Ishaya Audu, scion of renowned first indigenous vice chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, the late Professor Ishaya Audu, could be so animated while she rain abuses and insults on President Buhari, only demonstrated the intense, deep seated hatred, a section of the Nigerian society, harbours against the President.
Indeed, the tantrums exhibited by Saratu, obviously a junkie high on drugs, illustrated the level of intolerance against the person of the President, whose sins may not be unconnected with his spartan leadership style, as against the flamboyance of the past.
Saratu must have been a puppet in the hands of disgruntled politicians, who nurse deep seated grudges against a president trying his best to reposition the country.
The opposition in Nigerian politics, masquerading as pseudo activists, with Saratu garbed in supposed national colours, took their affront on the President to the UK, where President Buhari has gone for routine medical checkup.
It wasn’t Saratu Ishaya Audu that assaulted President Buhari. It was the opposition, who back home, has failed to make any meaningful impact, in its morbid attempt to denigrate the president.
A quick search on google showed only an entry or two about Saratu Ishaya Audu, an agnostic, who has since denounced her Christian faith, as can be deduced from her online book, “You too can be god”, where she explains how the “power and wisdom of God” reside in all men regardless of religion or race, and how with the use of one’s imagination and feelings, one can control one’s external surroundings.
Saratu’s imagination and feelings, which she ought to have used, to control her environment, showed in her vitriolic angst, hurled at President Buhari, a man old enough to be grandfather, a man that has given most of his life in the service of his country. In fact, Saratu may return in several lives on her sojourn on earth and till eternity, she will never impact on the society like Buhari has done.
The political opposition merely succeeded in recruiting Saratu, whose trending photos, depicts a soul lost to drug addiction and the worst example of the negative consequences of westernisation, especially among Nigerian youths, who are privileged to relocate to the west.
Instead of achieving their evil intentions, the opposition, only succeeded in exposing the absurdity of actions, especially that in the UK, President Buhari is seen as an African hero, a prince that has shown political will to challenge the thieving elites to a standstill.
The jailing of former Delta State governor on money laundering charges and the recent repatriation of stolen money from the UK back to Nigeria, may have further irked this set of ungrateful Nigerians, to the point of employing services of junkies such as Saratu, to try to embarrass President Buhari.
These are people whose dossiers are merely a click away, with the UK authorities and even public, aware of their morbid desperation, to malign the reputation of the President known all over the world as a person of integrity, who has come to rescue Africa’s most populous country, from corruption and flagrant abuse at the hands of souless politicians.
Saratu may have sold her soul to the devil, she may have collected her pounds, but she couldn’t remove the reality that her puppet masters, exploited her condition, a junkie and agnostic, to attempt the impossible. One thousand Saratus cannot embarrass a man like President Buhari.
And for her paymasters, they will continue to fail, in as much as their intentions are evil. They don’t mean well for Nigeria and Nigerians, essentially because their motivation is not altruistic but a selfish desire to continue to misappropriate public funds and to divert same into their pockets.
Thank God, only Nigerians have the power to elect their leaders, not junkies living on borrowed time in the UK, who readily sell their souls to a desperate opposition for a pile of pounds.
Abare, a journalist and social commentator, writes in from Lafia, Nasarawa State.

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