Candido As Man Of Destiny By Jibreel Muhammad Babangoshi

He came into political limelight for over 27 years now yet he never quit the game. You may say because he’s a Comrade that’s why he is still active, dogged and firm with Innovative and Conceptual Ideas.

The name Candido in FCT is not new as he led a serious movement for the integration of the Indigenous people of FCT as a leader in the 80’s. Can we all remember how the struggle led him to “Black maria with sirens” wailing the street of the Nigeria capital city?

That does not stops his destiny. So destiny can only be delayed but can not be denied. He became Jiwa Ward Councillor, serving different committees too in different capacities. He later became the Council Secretary and quit due to ideological differences. He left the Council for 10 years !!!

As God is the Sustainer and the One that gives Power to whoever He so desire to give to. He returned, through the mandate of the people in 2016 as Democratically Elected Chairman. In 2019, another mandate was added to him of which he’s now serving his second term.

The only Local Government Chairman who singlehandedly said ” If you can’t vote for Buhari, I don’t need your Votes”. What a risk from a politician who only tasted power for just 3 years.

His Performance is not my concern here because I am talking about his destiny !!!

How he started, what he achieved as individual, where he is now and his next journey.

Only God knows his next journey but he’s paid his dues as far as Politics and Good Governance is Concern in the Federal Capital Territory. Even President Buhari can testify to that.

I hope/ wish to see him in another Capacity after his Second term for National Development.

Candido is indeed a builder of a new AMAC and of course he has demonstrated that and he’s still demonstrating it.

His destiny and all of us lies in God’s hand not man.


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