Tinubu in Paris: Who Wants to Sabotage his Efforts? By Arabinrin Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello

The attempts to undermine the achievements of Mr. President during his visit to France is unfair.


These set of people want to diminish the growing popularity and global recognition of Tinubu’s accomplishments within just three weeks of his tenure. However, their efforts will ultimately prove futile.


Firstly, their strategy began with the spread of rumors regarding the increase in electricity tariffs. It is suspicious that such rumors surfaced precisely when Tinubu was diligently working towards revitalizing the Nigerian economy. It appears that their intention is to cause more problems for the poor despite Tinubu’s statement, “Let the poor breathe”.


Additionally, fake news have been circulated about salary increments. It is surprising why such claims were made in the absence of the president, especially considering that he had not been briefed on the matter. The motive behind publicizing this information without verifying its authenticity seems rooted in a mischievous desire to create problems for a president who is already performing really well.


Rest assured, their endeavors will not succeed, and upon his return, I hope the President will initiate an investigation or inquiry into the circulation of such fake news and duly punish those responsible.


During the initial weeks of his tenure, Tinubu has introduced and set in motion policies aimed at uplifting Nigerians from the clutches of economic regression. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who oppose these measures and seek to discredit his efforts, despite the widespread praise he has received both domestically and internationally.


Their actions display a coordinated pattern, utilizing both mainstream and social media platforms to disseminate falsehoods. Even after the Presidency officially denied these claims, they kept on engaging in the campaign of calumny indicating a hidden agenda behind their actions.


To those who engage in sabotage, be aware that this government is here to stay, regardless of the level of obstruction you attempt to bring. Asiwaju and his team are fully prepared to overcome and crush the efforts of saboteurs, and they remain determined to succeed in their mission.


In conclusion, it is imperative that everyone join hands to support the government’s initiatives and contribute to the journey of renewed hope. Tinubu has genuine intentions and deserves our collective support.


_Arabinrin Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello is an Award-Winning Investigative Journalist. Good Governance, Gender Rights and Peace Advocate. She writes from Abuja_

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