A collapse of dream… A tear for Abba! By Haruspice

He was a pleasant reference ,
Shinning in brilliant colours,
He was a pride in delight,
No crime escaped his noose ,
A choking nightmare to criminal elements.
He walked in dotted accolades,
Washed in national emblem
And given red carpet of honour,
He was the star in the sky,
And the night glitters in his stead.
His career became a predictable template,
With his path cleared for the top,
Loved by all, adored by all
And courted by the socialites,
And then came his albatross,
And the soup he was cooking,
Soaked in the salt of greed
As the supercop crashed in smelly fall,
From a stainless crime-buster to a consumed illicit cop,
And again, we mourn in pain the fall of another star.
Sadly musing

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