“Good or bad if you dare write something on Fintiri I will kill you” Friend of Adamawa Gov Threats A Journalist

A friend to the Executive Governor Adamawa state,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri , in a recorded audio phone call to a Journalist in Adamawa state, has vowed to kill a correspondent Journalist with the Nigerian Tribune.

Steven Maduwa a close associate of Fintiri promised to unleash unpleasant life by giving Tom Garba dead threat if dare write something good or bad on the Governor.

In the audio Steven interchangeable spoke in both English and Hausa vowed and said ”Zan Yanka ka”, meaning to slaughter the Journalist if he report story on the Governor either good or bad.

Steven accordingly asked Tom in the audio what was his reaction when Kaduna state Governor ,Mall Nasir El-rufai picked a Muslim as his running mate.

” Tom kaji ni wallahi,wallahi i will physically attack you,Dan Ubanka (insults) kana Dan Kaduna da Elrufai yayi Muslim Muslim ticket mey kayi? Na rantse maka (sweated) zan yanka ka (Slaughter you)

Tom said he suspected the threats is connected to a story he published on 9th June,2019 on Tgnews.com where Steven Adamu was trying to draw the attention of the government to have a balance appointments between the to major religions. Below is the link of the story:


Tom, who is also the publisher of Tgnews.com called on the general to be at the know that his life and his Job as a certified journalist in Adamawa is at stake as a result of the death threats by Steven Maduwa.

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