Na’Allah harps on Research,signs MoU with NABRDA, SHETSCO,

The University of Abuja UofA is collaborating with the National Biotechnology Research Development Agency (NABRDA) and Sheda Science and Technology Complex (SHETSCO) , a research based agencies of the federal government to promote research findings and development.


Already a Memorandum of Understanding MOU facilitated by the outgoing Vice- Chancellor, Professor Abdulrasheed Na’Allah has been consumated between the two research based agencies which included NABRDA and SHETSCO.


The collaborations have also been extended to other agencies includes the National Space Research Development Agency (NASRDA) and National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD)


The Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology in the new Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Abuja, Professor Rasak Funsho Atata revealed this while briefing journalists in his office on Monday.


According to Atata , “We were challenged by the outgoing Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Abdulrasheed Na’Allah to think outside the box to profer solutions to numerous problems bedeviling the country in all areas of our national life, using research to arrive at solutions “.


He further said, “The research should go beyond the pharmaceutical departments, but all encompassing, to address myriads of the country’s problems, so as to profer solutions “.


“Professor Na’Allah also maintained that the University environment should do more beyond teaching and learning, but in-depth research that will have positive direct impact to the country.”


“The Vice -Chancellor stated that available resources in our universities in the country cannot adequately produce a cutting edge research output and the support from TETfund has limitations too, hence the need to look outside these organs of government and donor agencies.”


“This is the right time to give back to government in all areas of socioeconomic, political and Infrastructural development, through inputs from the ivory tower, to move the country forward.” Na’Allah said .


“Gone are the days , academicians will continue to wait for research grants to enable them carry out research activities, we need to move ahead of time “. The Vice Chancellor asserted.”



“We also discovered a lot of research equipment we will need to be able to arrive at a definite research results in the four institutions.” The HOD stated.


“We are grateful to the Vice -Chancellor for throwing up the challenge of our independent investigations, using the science based government agencies available in the country “.


“The Heads of these agencies we visited and signed MOU were visibly elated to collaborate with the University in the area of research with readiness to assist in all areas.”


“The research adventure is coinciding with the availability of carrying capacity, equipment and infrastructure needed by the University going forward in the six Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences.”


Professor Atata stressed that the Vice Chancellor as part of his marching order to be a producers of drugs not teachers of drugs production, has provided a space adequate enough to kickstart drugs production, it expected that, very soon the faculty will be producing some pharmaceutical products for local consumption in the country, the nation’s capital and even the least, the University community in the course of time.


Atata also reiterated that the new research areas was capable of addressing drug discovery and recovery, arrive at medicinal value of available materials been used to produce drugs, using local research including more clinical work both for the Lecturers and Students.


He expressed gratitude to the two research agencies for their collaboration and response to the Memorandum of Understanding MOU.

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